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I just had a game vs 1 player, who in the last turn managed to travel twice in a turn, and to a very far most likely a bug :

From Wyzima to Ard Carreigh back to Oxenfurt??
Most likely, he only traveled to Oxenfurt from Wyzima. I did'nt have the chance to ask him what happened on his side...
I am sure this has likely been mentioned previously, but there is no turn time-out or way to vote-out a player if they have left.
-"A beast in the foothills" - in the selection screen (choose to battle or not) there should be a text explaining what you get if you win, so we can make a better choice (like in other cards of the same type);

-I finished the Main Quest, and still had one move left, but the game didn't let me make that move, does completing the Main Quest spends 1 move? If not then I think we should be allowed that move to maybe fight a foe and get more VP;

-"Savolla" investigation card says "roll your hero dice 3 times. For each time you do not obtain a success, discard 1 of your faceup investigation cards." We should be allowed to chose wich card to discard, but instead the game decides for us :(
I drew this card by Investigating :

Then had to chose Confirm or Cancel, and could'nt figure out what I was confirming...Turns out it is "confirm to pay 2 gold not to advance the track"...
I find it not really clear, maybe put the options like "Pay" and "Advance"
Tried to play with 2 friends, early in tot he game 2 times in a row 2 of us would see it as player X's turn with player X is thinking while he would see it as player Y's turn and player Y as thinking, happened to a different player both times.
I experienced some minor issues playing the game today:
First one was with the road animation between Wyzima and Brokilon, where instead of the glowing trail there were only purple squares (tried to take a screenshot with my Prinst Screen -button but only got a shot of my destop).
The second thing was that the game just kept going on after the other player got disconnected, and in the end I was just playing by myself (I don't know if this is intentional or not).
After I was done the game crashed after I pressed the quit button from the main menu. Here's the dump and error logs: View attachment 5571


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I got a weird bug with one of my side quests :
I play as Triss, and one of my side quests was to spend 2 gold. I did that just at the end of one of my turns and then clicked end turn. The message "side quest completed" displayed after that. So I never got my VP from the quest. ANd the quest complete was shown in the events screen as completed by my oponent (I could even congratulate him for that with the thumb up...)

I got a screen of the situation :

You can see my oponent playing as Dandelion, no side quest about spending gold, but it appears on the right screen as purple and with the thumb up icon next to it
His 9 VP come from his two side quests and also from monster killing so he did'nt get my vp from my side quest
A few problems I encountered on the way...
- The game telling the player whoms turn it is, that the previous player's turn is still going on, while the other player(s) are getting the correct notice that the first-mentioned player is on their turn
- When Dandelion gets the Rivetta card, and has 2 gold, he gets to pay 1 gold instead of 2, or the 3 that the card mentions for Dandelion.
- Players teleporting without having finished an main quest which does so. Going for example from Cintra to Dol Blathanna. I found it most curious...
- Players getting bonus leads/gold and losing without having pulled an card which does that - most likely an sync issue
- When you hover over the abilities to see a text what they do... Triss' ability of develop is incorrectly described. It just doesn't make sense what is written there and must be some placeholder
- On some cards, when they say people will lose a heart, no one but you receives a heart penalty despite the card saying so. This means the game let's the player legitemately cheat by not receiving any heart. This is often seen whe completing a main adventure
- When a player ends a main adventure and starts in for example: Brokilon on his next turn, that very next turn your opponent still sees you at your previous location instead of Brokilon.
I used a Good Fortune Card which was supposed to heal 2 wounds. There was a golden glow so I just clicked it. (I don't remember the card's name)
Unfortunately, I just had 2 severe wounds which I couldn't heal with this card. Thereby I got stuck and all I could do was to exit the game. The chat was also deactivated so I couldn't tell my opponent about me leaving because of a bug.

Screenshot of me being stuck:
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Game stucks on Authentication screen on my MacBook Pro after patch from 01 Sep 2014

I reinstaled the game and that solved my problem.
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I've been delayed. I tried to use "Additional action" card, but no action was added - I just wasted it. Also delay state saved in next move.
I just used that card, after using up an action and being delayed, and was able to issue my second action for the turn just fine.

Each turn, you normally have 2 actions to issue(Travel, Investigate, etc). Getting delayed results in losing 1 action. Up to 2 delays can carry over to your next turn. If you had 1 delayed carried over to your next turn—because you used up both actions for the current turn and then got delayed—and then used the card, you should've had a full 2 action turn with your next turn.

Two bugs I want to file with current version, TR036. First is the monster Fleder assigns a severe wound upon failing defense but the card's image shows a skull icon instead.

Second bug is various cards with regional effects are not working properly. For example, Band of Thieve's post-battle effect does not take a gold from each player within the region; only the player battling Band of Thieves. There's at least another monster that has a "all players within region" effect that's also not triggering properly but I forget its name. The bug also extends to quest cards; one of Geralt's, I forget the name, has the player distribute silver monsters to all regions as a condition of the main quest, but upon completing the main quest, all regions actually do not receive a silver monster each.
Was unable use development cards during some investigation battles - at the beginning of the battle they seemed to be available and in couple of seconds - they blocked.
Hmm my friend got delayed for 2 actions for 2 turns... not sure if it's a bug or that he got delayed a lot. I'll have to play and see. btw nice improvement on the colours and music!
I'll also confirm the healing bug that freezes the game. Basically if you only have severe wounds and use any good fortune card that removes regular wounds only, the game gets stuck and can't proceed from that point.

Another bug I noticed in the current version, TR036, is the card "Downpour" doesn't delay you when it's carried over to your next turn. For example, if you've used both your actions and then get Downpour, you'll have the full 2 actions on your next turn. If Downpour isn't carried over, it properly removes 1 action though.
Had a turn where I lost 4 actions due to delays, the game erroneously registered it as 10 lost action. As you might imagine, I spent a lot of time in Tretogor :p
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