Game needs a higher level cap

I'm guessing it's too late now but hopefully for Orion they'll bear this in mind.
I'm level 60, street cred 50 and I estimate I'm only at the half-way mark, I've completed all of Judy's and Pan Am's quest lines, all of PL including Mr Hand's gigs, I've just the final race left for Claire, and that's basically it. Some gigs (<50%) for the other fixers, a few NCPD scanner hustles and minor quests and that's about it. Yet to start Sinnerman, the Peralezes, River Ward, Kerry, Chippin' in and Goro is still waiting for me somewhere downtown lol.
So much more game content and I'm already maxed out. Kind of a bummer.
Maybe not higher level cap, but slowing down own much experience your earn in my opinion. At level 60, you already max out 3 attributes and the two others can be up to 9, so 60 is enough if you ask me, you simply reach max level 60 too soon/fast :)
It really doesn't.. If anything it needs to make you level up slower. I installed a mod to give less experience for missions and I'm still currently level 40 and not even half way through the game.
This happened with 2.0. I think it's because of the change with level scaling. Before, you'd have easier mobs giving less XP, now everything gives the same amount, likely the same with gigs having a set XP but now scaling upwards. Level scaling seems to have been slapped on with no consideration to how it affected the overall game, something I'm not impressed with.

Alternatively you can use this one, which simply lets you change how much xp you get rather than altering the individual missions and gigs:

Hm. Seeing everything, I still like the idea of uncapped levels, and at some point hitting the infinity sign as the level indicator, meaning "it has been enough and you are a deity now". Maybe the logarithmic scale would help as well, since it's the scale on which humans perceive the world. That would definitely happen in more than 50/60 steps.
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