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Game or Game series you wish CDPR Got their hands on first?

Mine is the Mass Effect series. I love it and it will always be my number one, but in fairness the witcher series was just so much better put together.
Better story telling, better graphics, better choices everything you can think of was superior.

I wish CDPR could have gotten Mass Effect and put the same love and attention to that game that the witcher got.
Maybe Shadow of Mordor/Shadow of War. In such a case, Shadow of War would not have Denuvo and I could play it... but Shadow of Mordor wouldn't be on Linux :p

I would like CDPR to try and produce a traditional cRPG like Pillars of Eternity. I'm sure they would come up with a few innovations.
Mass Effect and Vampire were the two the first jumped into my head that are existing gaming IPs. I think something else not already in gaming would be better though, like West World.
A difficult question, as CDPR has evolved a lot over the years. TW was probably the right IP to focus on for them at first. Many years ago I doubt that CDPR could have done much better than BioWare. Also working for EA is probably not the easiest thing (time pressure, budget cuts and so on...).

However, a new Mass Effect developed by CDPR would be intriguing. Then again, I'll always prefer a new Witcher game :D

From the newer games, I think Vampyr could have been much much better with CDPR as developer.
And this IP has potential.
I'd like to see something like the Ultima Series done in CDPR style! (Not that I wish that they gotten their hands on it first, but I wouldn't mind them getting their hands on it now. Reboot the series and close out Ultima IX properly.)
What i want.
Star Wars Kotor 3
Dragon Age Origins 2
Gothic Reboot (Only you should be able to create your own Character)

Or a new Dark Fantasy Rpg:

01. Non-linear Story with multiple Ends
02. Quests with Choices
03. Dialogue System
04. Character Editor (Male/Female) Background Stories.
05. Interesting Characters/Romances
06. The World/Atmosphere: Dirty, Cold and Gloomy
07. Soundtrack: Similar to Witcher
08. Combat System: Mixture of Dark Souls and Dragons Dogma
09. Weapons: Shield, One-Hand Sword, Axe, Dagger, Longsword, Battle Axe, Spear, Bow etc.
10. Attributes: Constitution, Endurance, Willpower, Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, Charisma, Resistance, Luck
11. Skills/Perk: Two-Handed, Weapon and Shield, Dual Wielding, Bow, Speech, Lockpicking, Sneak, Alchemy ect.

A game that starts off with the Atreides leaving Caladan and arriving on Arrakis / betrayal / escaping and being captured by the Fremen.

Then, the bulk of the game could be:
  • Learning to navigate Paul's "visions" to see what possible paths ahead may be opened or closed, then using those potential outcomes to decide how to move forward.
  • Paul training up, becoming Mua'Dib, planning and executing attacks against the spice mining operations.
  • Needing to select / replace warriors of the Fedaykin.
  • Working as Jessica to form alliances with the other Sietches.
All with CDPR writing and characterization to bring life to the 12 years Paul fights as Muad'Dib. Plus, ya, I want to ride a sandworm in a game. So it could be a beautiful marriage and evolution between the original adventure game and Dune II, which basically introduced real-time strategy to the world. Plus, plenty of lore to sink into.

So, yeah. Dune.
Dragon Wars and/or Dark Sun

Though to be fair, I wouldn't have wanted CDPR to get them first since they'd be limited to the same technology these games were which is their only real failing, but if CDPR were to make them now they would be AMAZING.
The Wolf Among Us.

I don't really would have wanted them to touch it first as I love the original game but now with Telltale's departure I think they can do wonders with the IP.

Another franchise I would like them to do something with is The Order, the steampunk PS exclusive.

It had a super interesting lore, aesthetic and world building so if we exchanged it's underwheming gameplay for the rpg mechanics from CDPR we could have a masterpiece.
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Well, they got The Witcher and through their work, it became my favourite fantasy series, both on literature and videogames.

If i could choose one now, i would definitely go for some sci-fi. I know that's what they're doing with Cyberpunk, but i wouldnt mind something more famous like Star Wars.

Or maybe even some Harry Potter, considering the leaks yesterday. Im sure CDPR would explore its dark corners in a way the books/ movies never could.
The Gothic series. Maybe a collaboration with Piranha Bytes and we'd get an even more perfect game than Witcher 3.

Edit: whoops, looks like I slightly misread the title, but my point still stands :p
Probably not a popular opinion, and since its an original ip for bethesda it couldn't even have happened, but imagine how much better of a game fallout would have been, if it was created by CD PROJEKT RED.