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Gameplay Reveal — 48-minute walkthrough



Watch 48 minutes of official 2018 gameplay from Cyberpunk 2077 and get a glimpse into the world of perils and possibilities that is Night City — the most vibrant and dangerous metropolis of the future.

This video contains work-in-progress gameplay — everything you see is potentially subject to change.

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That demo was amazing.

Absolutely everything about it was masterfully crafted.
I'm going to watch it 50 more times when it's on YouTube and get all the tiny details. But just from the initial viewing, this is the game to surpass Witcher 3.

A few things that really stuck out to me personally:
The reload animations were ON POINT.
The low sliding camera felt incredible.
The combat dialog was really, really good, and flowed naturally. Especially the bit at the start when the earpiece lady was giving the player orders.
The city was mind blowing.
The ripper doc... If this is not just a scripted bit, and all modifications will have special animations and dialog, holy Jesus.
The weapon design was SO GOOD.
The music and atmosphere, especially in V's apartment, felt so real. I immediately got a sense of familiarity, and "yeah, this is my home" vibe.
The mantis blades were a huge WOW factor.

I'm sure there's a ton of other things, but my brain is still processing.

We can all agree the gameplay footage was AMAZING! But if we can help CDPR , by mentioning any gripes we had, it'd be worth to point them out. Personally, I LOVED the visual fidelity, but I hope they can maintain it(at least for PC). I didn't really love the UI ( a bit cluttered sometimes) but I think that's just me. Also,a bit disappointed with how smart guns operate(like having auto-aim on :p).
We are not going to have posts trying to say, "This is final." (Not even rhetorically.)

All opinions are valid, and all opinions are to be respected.
You answered the question yourself. They don't look interesting to use at all.

Thems fighting words. I detest skillchecks like those in the demo. There's no excitement or intrigue, there's no trying to do anything, just a "yes I can" or "no I can't".

I expected something over the top too, but I didn't expect it to sound like summertheather rehearsals.
They aren't supposed to be, to be fair. They've always been touted as an option for people who don't have good twitch reflexes.

I agree about the skill tests, though, and I agree with a few of your other gripes.

My own list of the good and the bad.

  1. Visuals. For sure. Not because they look good (they do, of course), but because they don't look astronomically good. The fact that some people are complaining about them is excellent news for me. Why? Because it means we might not get a downgrade controversy. Maybe this is representative of the final product.
  2. Interaction with the world/NPCs. Love the FPP. Works very well.
  3. The world itself - beautiful, huge, immersive.
  4. Model quality is excellent (NOT the same as texture quality).6
  5. I actually really liked the voice acting. I expected it to be over-the-top, but it still feels very thematic and fitting for the setting.
  6. Character creator looks great, just what I hoped for - presets + sliders for fine tuning.
  7. Love that cyberware affects UI and such.
  1. Sad to say I agree with MadQueen and see what she meant about combat now. I feel very bad for doubting her. The combat looks bland and uninteresting - just like any other CoD-like shooter. Hopefully the melee is more interesting...
  2. The interface is awful. Hopefully it's customizable. The colors are hard on the eyes (and hard to make out with the varied backgrounds) and there's very little useful information.
  3. Lack of a minimap is a major no-no in my eyes.
  4. Low-resolution textures in many places. Not a big deal for me, for the reasons stated above. But still.
  5. Don't like the dialogue selection system. Looks frustrating to deal with, but maybe that's because it was on controller.
  6. Don't like regenerating health.
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Brief impressions:

Not a fan of:
1) Driving felt rather like a placeholder in it's current state. What I mean is that you get a car, but move with horse speed through very small areas. I perfectly understand it's an early demo, but for driving feeling purposeful you need larger roads, speed and if there's shooting, it needs to be something more meaningful.
2) Enemies didn't present any visible danger, despite their absurd upgrades, and shooting thus became very monotonous. Just like in Witcher games, the protagonist has too many OP tools against these dolls. I know it's really hard to implement even in shooters, but enemies need to have some complexity and they need to be much more dangerous.
3) Voice acting. But since it's usually the last thing that's done for games, it's probably temporary.

What I loved:
1) Art direction and density of the world. Retro-futuristic and reach in detail. Love, love, love it. Graphics is wonderful.
2) FPP, imo, really worked and I don't think TPP fits here. Visor, interface... It was the right choice.
3) Action has a lot of promise. But I don't envy people responsible for this part. It's Hell on Earth game-design-wise. Also dem mantis blades. Me so horny.
4) Quests feel complex and unpredictable. Similarly to Witcher games. I'm satisfied.
I'll copypaste from the locked thread...

Gripes first:
- Combat looks pretty bad. No, really. It looks worse than I expected and I already had low expectations. Just like any regular shooter.
- Smart guns really are just "auto-hit" guns. They look lame.
- The dialog does feel forced and times and the voiceactors are overacting, especially that corp chick.
- Health regen spotted.
- Skilltests are hardgated.
- Dialog options still highlight the "right responses" to go forward.
- Very few dialog options.
- No skillchecks in dialog (at least not shown).
- Very "GTA meets Deus Ex" feel and vibe, that feels like a mismatch in this particular case and lowers the sense of freshness down to something one could describe "Just another clone of [insert game]".
- Questmarkers pulling you from the nose to your destination... but I suppose they are required in such a cluttered place.

The good things:
- It does look good graphically.
- The ambient music's good.
- The streets look good and crowded.
- If the quests and reactivity are as they advertise, it's solid.
- Night City looks like a sort of fun place to explore.
- The dialog system itself looks like it has potential.
- The world and item interaction options feel like there's a lot of potential.
- There was a nice atmosphere.

That's it for starters. I have to rewatch it.

All in all, I'm sorry to say that that was a surprisingly (or perhaps not) tame and unremarkable for all the press hype that was given.
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I'm very anxious about how the level/item difference will affect the difficulty of combat.

The narrator really hammed it up how the corporate lady's goons will probably be a very difficult fight. I just really, really hope that means that it's tough but doable if you prepare properly and not something like tw3 where enemies being a few levels above you can make a fight arbitrarily nigh-impossible with you only chipping away 1/100th of their health per hit.

This is a major immersion breaker for me, so I hope they get it right.
They aren't supposed to be, to be fair. They've always been touted as an option for people who don't have good twitch reflexes.
Are you saying they are supposed to look that lame and that it's ok? I don't see why you'd defend that. It just the sort of crutch design that people (certain people) feared they'd be.

Metalmaniac said:
One have to be especially clear on their words, that's what I still learning to this day on the internet (as a non-english speaker). It may sound like you just dislike (nu-)Deus Ex and (nu-)GTA in general, games people like so much they'd be fine with mixing these together and don't see it as a gripe.
Point taken. I'll be more verbose later.
If there's a perfection in this world, I just witnessed it, honest to god. The enviroment, atmosphere, streets of night city, people over there, combat system, gadgets/inventory/upgrades, decision making, driving all of this.. In 48 MINUTES! Now imagine this... For 400 hours or more, truly something incredible guys. Nothing but success from CDPR. Truly step into next generation
This is probably the e3 developer build, i presume?
Can't complain about the graphics, bugs and glitches since I heard it was going to be on current gen consoles. You just can't make an huge open world rpg with The Last of Us 2's graphics with it.
But I do hope the color of the hud could be customized like Fallout 4. and some animation assets could use some work; lip movement, walking pedestrians.

Aside from that, everything looks great so far.
Are you saying they are supposed to look that lame and that it's ok? I don't see why you'd defend that. It just the sort of crutch design that people (certain people) feared they'd be.

Point taken. I'll be more verbose later.
I'm saying the guns are literally supposed to be a crutch. They are there for people who can't aim. It's really that simple. What else would you add to them? RPG impact? Sure, I'd like that, but that's not what you seem to be complaining about.

So, barring that, what else would you have them be? Genuinely curious.
The HUD. I am not a fan of "XY 124m Symbol". I am generally not a fan of hilighting stuff (like "sit here") and prefer that I simply can sit anywhere I want with the press or a button or take my cloth when I am in front of my cloth and use either a map to find a location or have something more AR (a magical line appearing to route me to my destination). I am pretty sure though that CDPR will make it, that you can hide stuff like the "XY 124m Symbol" stuff, so no real issue here for me.

The other thing I am not too fond of is what I already knew would happen and that's shooting numbers out of people. I prefer it as it is in Max Payne. I should the head and someone is dead (well okay in this world maybe some times more). The guns didn't felt too powerful too from the whole sound of it. But all in all no big issue for me, I can live with it.

The character creation looks a bit too generic (and I am not a fan of just some color squares instead of a real palette), not a biggie but a minor gripe. Would just have been nice had we gotten THE character creator, after Eve Online.

All in all? No major gripe, everythings fine with me and I am really looking forward to the game. The whole rest, the look and feel of the world is rather fantastic and I really don't mean in focus of graphics but really the design is what gets me. Something that hooked me hard was the car, it felt so 80s/90s to me. On one hand it's the design here on the other it was the feeling of the driving and the sound. It feels different to me as the whole drift-tuning generation from the Fast and Furious generation, it feels - real. Not just pretentiously cool but real. And that's the case with the rest of the world at the moment, I love the inhaler, the design and look of this small thing is fantastic! It's not just an asthma-inhaler, plain and simple, the design is more intricate and I am really fond of this (how about an inhaler for the Collectors Edition?).