Games that made you cry? [SPOILERS]

Games that made you cry:
(No particular order.)

Cyberpunk 2077
Life is Strange
Bioshock infinite
Walking Dead
Alyx VR (but mostly because I actually lived long enough to see Half Life 3 and finish the god dam story)!

I noticed a big gap between most of these games and cyberpunk 2077. So maybe I just do not play as many games as I use to, Any other recent games that could go on a list like this?
I'm gonna interpret this question as "games that made you feel strong emotions":

KOTOR 2: reuniting all those Jedi masters only to be judged AGAIN by their backward way of thinking?!? Screw them.

Horizon Zero Dawn: I f*cking hate the Nora, Ted Faro and Far Zenith. People who treat others like they're inferior.

The Witcher 3: Geralt's suicidal ending. Perfect way to finish his story. A monster worse than Emhyr rules the North and Ciri is left for dead. Beyond hopeless
Games that made me cry? Hard for a video game to make me cry and I'm can be emotionally invested at times. But these games successful made me cry.

TellTale's Walking Dead: Season 1 - Episode 5, it truly broke me, and I played this, I remember exactly. The it released was November 21, 2012 Wednesday Sitting on the arm of a sofa while my grandmother was cleaning the house, she liked to do that when visiting when she was able to every wednesday. Seeing Lee Everett getting bitten, losing characters, and the ending. It truly broke me, I became so attached to the characters in which I didn't was possible then. I made me rethink story telling.

FFXIV: Heavenward and Shadowbringers, the first MMO to make me cry over deaths of certain characters and seeing emotional scenes. 5.3, I cried in certain scene because it reminded me of a friend who doesn't wish to be contacted by old friends. Tugged my feelings for lost friendship.

MGS4: 'Naked Son' to me was a nice conclusion to the MGS series for me personally. And in my opinion, truly the last 'MGS' game.

Red Dead Redemption 2...I don't really need to go into detail there.
Thought about this a while, oddly it's not just games with sad endings that make me well up but triumphant ones too, ones I'm emotionally invested in anyway. Cyberpunk's Star ending is the only one that happens every time (driving out in the Basilisk to when V climbs out)

Others include:

Ghost of Tsushima - There were several parts of that game that made me feel really terrible.
Assassin's Creed Odyssey - Kassandra playthrough, also had parts that made me feel awful.
Shadow of the Colossus.
Witcher 3.
Dragon's Dogma (main game true ending).

I think I may have had wet eyes when finishing the old Infinity Engine games for the first time - Planescape: Torment comes to mind - but it was so long ago I can't remember.
None yet but I don't experience human emotions. So not sure if it's possible but would be an awesome learning experience
Me 3 pre extended ending dlc. Man it was just shit..
DA: O sacrifice ending. Already done all other ending so went for that and very much regretted it.
DA2 some endings too some quests are just so sad..
FF7 when Aerith got taken away :( Man first time i cryed at a game... Spent so long leveling her too :(
(arthur death, alone... "I tried in the end I did")
Mass Effect 3
(Loshe end quest)
Witcher 3
(when Geralt find Ciri in the island of mists)
But there are others :giggle:
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Witcher 3 in few different occasions.

Final Fantasy 10. (Game wasn't actually that sad, I was just so sad because the game ended, I had been enjoying it so much and then it just dared to end :D )
Witcher 3 does it every. single. time I play through a certain quest.

Enderal, Witcher 1, and Tell Me Why are others I can think of.
Gwent, when the games decides I don’t deserve to draw Artis … or Dire Bear or Dracoturtle or Sukrus or Melusine or Knut or Heatwave or anything else above 5 provisions.
Funny enough, I can quote some games that I never played and probably never will... Thanks the "communicative emotion" from streamer or youtuber :sad:
No game has made me cry but Mass Effect trilogy did raise the most intense feelings I have experienced from a video game in many occasions, not just the endings. It was mostly the whole package of friendship, romance, loss, failure, success and a lot more. Doubt I'll ever get the same feeling from a game again.
Cyberpunk also surprised me in a positive way in one of the endings with Johnny's last comment of "never stop fighting" as you slowly separate from eachother and overall Cyberpunk did a good job with the characters so that you actually feel a connection with them.

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Maybe not enough for tears, but Planescape: Torment has 3 moments that are probably the closest:

- touching Deionarra's sensory stone
- merging with good incarnation and telling Deionarra the truth about why she died
- saying farewell to all companions
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