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Get your Legendary cards!

Thats really nice of you CDPR, but I don't think its a good idea as you will lose a lot of potential revenue as many people will have little incentive to buy kegs after this, and with full mill for HC, it will basically mean the majority of active players will be able to craft full decks from the scraps alone.
Guess they are in need of sudden money injection :D But not complaining.. amazing for us. Glad I was saving those kegs and ore (but will buy some kegs anyway to support CDPR)!
They are pushing us to waste kegs because even if we'll get full scrap refund new golds will not be craftable !
They probably have an idea to sell stuff we need when HC is here.
A Keg in a Premium Weekend worth min. 520 scraps. Now the minimum value of a Keg is 920 scraps. If you don't really care for powder before HC, open your Kegs! (And after THIS event I don't think there will be any Premium Keg Weekend before HC...)
what I really want before hc is a premium keg weekend
You can keep your kegs and ore and wait for it if you don't like this 'is this a dream' offer! But trust me with full mill for HC, no other offer can ever beat this.

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For the next 24 hours, all three cards presented in the “Choose 1 out of 3” part of the keg opening will be Legendary! This means a guaranteed Legendary card in every keg you open till Friday, September 14th, 12 PM (noon) CEST.
As a player I am super happy about it. I have 37 kegs and 1900 ore. Have been waiting for a far far less exciting offer. But this is super awesome. As a fan of CDPR I am a little concerned as this will give tremendous amount of scraps to people that they may no longer buy things from store. I sincerely hope CDPR knows what it is doing.
this will give tremendous amount of scraps to people that they may no longer buy things from store
Let me tell you a secret: those people never bought anything from store since Gwent is super generous game for those who simply play at least 18 rounds per day. :sneaky:
well let me tell you i have ore for like 100 kegs and at least 30 unopened kegs. Guess what im going to do today?

Anyway all this generosity is much appreciated. But dear CDPR think also on your families and how you are going to feed them. To show how much of a fan of your work i am, i hereby promise that i will purchase Thronebreaker and will also buy a few kegs once Homecoming is out, even though i probably wont need any.
Because it is way too generous to pass and they want people to spend money in short time window. Otherwise poeple would just grind ore and quests if it would be week long or so and wouldn't buy as many kegs for real money
Didn't think about a week long, but a weekend, when players normally waste their time and money, would be more worthwhile. For both sides.
Called it! xD

I am glad I saved a lot of kegs back in the Guaranteed Epic card weekend :p Now I just bought 70 kegs, even poor shupe was shouting "noooooo!" :p Time to open 118 kegs

Thanks CDPR, if my interest in the game is intact after Homecoming, all the scraps from the full value milling period will assist in crafting premiums :) This is really generous
Should have waited 22 days. RIP 55.555 scraps (114 kegs minus the ~14 that were awesome).
I guess ~84 will have to do.

For people about to craft premiums (after HC), remember there will be more cards later (like the 4 Redanian golds from NR, probably reuse of the tri art cards, expansions). Resource gain might (probably) be the same after but not so sure about event spam. It's probably going to be fine if you keep doing dailies but i'd save some dust.