Ghosting with DLSS?

Hello! Is anyone else having ghosting issues when using DLSS? I notice it a lot with elements such as street lamps, electricity cables or thin fences, it is very noticeable when I pass by with a vehicle and focus on any of these elements while driving, I have tried unlocking FPS at the maximum that my card gives, approximately 160 FPS , I have tried to try all the graphical settings and reinstall the drivers with DDU, however I did not find a solution, I have not noticed it happening with any other games.

This only happens with DLSS, it doesn't happen with FSR and XESS, I haven't played Cyberpunk for many months and I'm sure this didn't happen before because I had noticed it, any advice?
With latest nVidia drivers I got horrible ghosting. Every vertical edge gave at least 5 ghost edge. I use frame generation but not DLSS upscaling. Found a solution that works on my computer. PhysX calculation to processor. FPS got 5-10% boost ang ghosting was gone.
Turned DLSS (balanced) and path tracing on yesterday. No ghosting. 1 sec sharpening delay has been fixed. Graphics quality is excellent. FPS is 90-116. RTX 4070 TI.

If your graphics card runs almost 100% most of the time:
- set ingame frame limiter (unless you use gsync+vsync+reflex, reflex limits frame rate automatically)
- physx calculation to processor
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