GOG cloud storage quota exceeded

Hi, my issue is what the title says, but when I delete save games in-game, they just keep coming back the next that GOG tries to sync. What can I do?

When I delete the first ten saves, the folders ManualSave-0 to ManualSave-9 disappear from C:\Users\user\Saved Games\CD Projekt Red\Cyberpunk 2077 but the syncing brings them back.


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In theory, yes.
Not very familiar with GOG, but I think normally, GOG try reinstall saves when you launch the game (not when you playing it).
So I think disabling Cloud Sync after deleting saves (to registrer save files to remove from the cloud) but before launching the game again should be fine.
Ok, I'm not sure I was clear, so :
- Cloud sync enabled.
- Launch the game and manage your saves.
- Quit the game.
- Wait a bit for GOG to register the changes you made.
- Disable cloud sync until the changes take effect (24h according to GOG support). In the meantime you can play with cloud sync disabled.
- Then enable cloud sync again.
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