GOG telling me graphics driver is out of date

Hi guys

When I launch Cyberpunk I am being told my graphics driver is out of date, but I have got the most up to date driver because on the same day as patch 2.02 came out I was notified of a new driver available so I updated that as well.
Why am I being told it is out of date when it is clearly not.
Even with another graphics driver update today (10/31) the launcher is still saying my driver is out of date.
The problem, especially on laptops, is that the manufacturer will tell you over and over that you already have the latest drivers. This is not new. This has plagued games for decades. There used to be a solution in that 3rd parties would make video drivers that you could use even when your system says it's completely up to date. But somehow, over the years, all of those guys have vanished.

Same problem - rather annoying as my integrated graphics is disabled and only using my RTX3070. PC up to date with intel drivers etc., as it normally always is.

Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty v2.12 - last played 27th of February without any error message and the error message came today 31th of March.
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