Gothic remake - random idea for (combat) rework


Which statements do you agree with?

  • Original Gothic's combat controls are unresponsive mess

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  • Original Gothic's combat has enough variety

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  • Reworked Gothic's combat stays true to the original

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  • Reworked Gothic's combat has enough variety

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  • Reworked Gothic's combat seems "better" than the original

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To make it as short as possible, I identify original Gothic's combat to consist of:
- three-dimensional attacks (left, right, top)
- blocking from in front
- attacking while moving
- combos
- animation resets(?) (which increase attack speed?)
- played by moving, positioning and striking from unparriable angles
- hard and unresponsive controls

Suggestion - global:
- move by WSAD while (mostly) controlling attacks/parries by mouse
- completely lockless - you hit/parry what you hit/parry

Suggestion - basic attacks:
- switch from arrows to mouse (where possible) and simplify controls (minimize number of button presses)
- left/middle/right click to attack from left/top/right
- shift + left/middle/right click to block from left/top/right
- hold left/middle/right for power attacks from left/top/right (hold to load strength, release to unleash attack)

Suggestions - combos:
- chains of basic attacks (+some custom)
- custom animations
- e.g. - shift + left/middle/right click to block an attack; followed by quick left/middle/right click produces "counter attack", pushing the enemy out of balance
- e.g - chaining attacks from multiple directions (left/middle/right) produces some sort of a swift combo (increasing/resetting attack speed?) (performing additional animations - e.g. - cut from the side, kick from the side, punch to the face/chest,...?)
- e.g. - hitting an enemy (with at least half loaded) with top-down strong attack stuns/disables them(?) (for a second)
- e.g. - left/right click to right/left click produces front cone AOE swing (good against many enemies)
- e.g. - half loaded strong attack to left/right click to disarm an enemy

Suggestion - magic:
- lockless
- possibility to "alter" the spell cast = e.g. - hold left button to increase size, distance, speed, damage, mana cost of a fireball
- base the damage on correctly utilizing all the arsenal rather than hitting one max range fireball - e.g. ring of frost vs goblins, fireball vs wolf, light vs orc,...
- different enemies are strong/weak against/to different spells (not just by nature, but also) by the situation and/or spell combos - e.g. stun undead by light spell and kill it with fire, push orc out of a cliff, destroy all in-line incoming projectiles by max size fireball
- make healing spells not braindead auto-win spammers - e.g. let them require alchemistic ingredients, amulets, rings or other equipment, meet a certain condition (e.g. pray to/ be blessed by Inos/mage, run out of charges/power(even runes)->need to be somehow recharged,... )
- create interesting ways to use magic not only for combat(?) - e.g. make it rain so bandits go hide to cave(?)

To be continued?
As for this tread to not just pointlessly hang in here, I would like to start a discussion:
What's your opinion about the original and reworked Gothic's combat?
And how would you like to eventually see it in a full reworked game?
Does the original combat even need a rework?
Is the combat system important for the roleplaying game?

Why do you think that combat was one of the most criticized aspects of the demo?
Does the original combat have the mechanics crafted well enough?

What are the core "elements" which make the combat good (in 3rd person medieval fantasy game)?
What are the core "elements" which make the combat bad?
Does the original or the demo contain some of these elements?

Etc...Feel free to come up with everything and anything in between :)
Doubt Gothic creators has enough money to make anything cool. Kingdome Come Deliverence might be up to it. Then theres Senua Hellblade, its kinda gothic.
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