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Guide to Unpopular Cards



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Guide to Unpopular Cards

Hello everyone.
I've always been a supporter of cards and strategies that are seldom used, so i decided to contribute with some guidelines to the cards i think deserve a little more action. My theory is that even if these card's effect isn't the best, the element of surprise when you play them compensates more than if you'd played a supposedly better card but that your opponent saw coming.

I tried to choose the most versatile cards, so you're not chained to a single faction or achetype, and they're able to provide solid value. Most of them are bronzes, i'll specify if otherwise.

If i find more cards i'll update this post, and feel free to share your comment on my choices or post your own choices!


Epidemic - Probably the bronze special i see the least, but although it can be a bit tricky to use, it can provide great value. Imagine a bronze scorch... Best used on decks where most of your units have high points, and when your opponent has lots of weak units with same value or as an opener of a round your opponent started with a strong card.
Yesterday used it on a Tibor opener, he insta-forfeited. Here's the thing - i was Eredin Monsters, he definitely didnt see that coming! Epidemic is usually only used by Eithné players, use it with any other leader and you will catch someone offguard.

Necromancy (Silver) - I dont think i've seen anyone use this card but me. You should have a 9-11 non gold unit in your GY if you use this card, but when it really shines is when your opponent either will steal one of your important units in GY, or if he has important or high value units in his own GY. For factions that have little control over GYs like Scoiatel, and maybe NR, it can be a way to deny your opponent a key card, as it can banish ANY non gold unit on either GY. Another great use is if your SK and already used your Siggy, you can use Necromancy to get the points of a strong silver like Djenge or Champion a 3rd time!


Sage - might not be great on all SC decks, but works great if you are control and have 2/3 Alzur's thunders. Works well with Ithlinne - she uses one of your thunders twice, then use 2 sages to reuse those thunders 2 more times (and you can use Eithné to use a thunder again, but before you use Sage since he banishes it after)

Dol Blathanna Trapper - a 6 base strength that does 2 damage to an entire row, with only a turn for your opponent to counter? Even if used without moving and stacking enemy units it's very useful, and can work with any SC leader.


Alba Spearmen - i know he's used quite often, but only on mill decks. The thing is, he can be great even if just used in tandem with engineers, since they get reset between rounds, but get buffed by the cards drawn between rounds by either player AFTER the reset. Only problem is as soon as you put em, they become your opponent's favourite target and he'll think you're running a mill deck, so might be hard to keep them around.

Vicovaro Novice - they were really popular when they had that spy-related effect but now are never used. They can give you a choice between 2 bronze alchemies on your deck, and in my opinion alchemy are the best special bronzes, as you have potions to buff or damage and dshackles to lock, so very versatile. Works great with decks where you can put many units on board quickly, to use those thunderbolt and fullmoon potions.

Xarthisius (Gold) - most people dont like it (no clue why, maybe they feel like they're cheating...), but it's great on any NG deck. I know its not used because NG has very well-defined archetypes like spy and reveal and people use the Golds related to that archetype, but this more versatile Gold is great too, specially on Round 1 so you can deduce your opponent's strategy from his remaining deck.


Field Medic - they may not be the least popular, but i still think they deserve more for how great they are. Synergizes really well with Reaver Scouts and PFInfantry (use on the left and right, not the main one). Just be careful not to use them too early, or in later rounds you're more likely to get crappy cards on your draw. Also, they're not really good with armor decks, but good with machines or swarm/buffs.


Warcrier - one of my long-time personal favourites. 6 base value, and can easily provide at least another 6 pts if used on two 6pt damaged units, for a respectable 12 pts. However, you dont even need to have a pure self damage deck and you can easily score 20-30 pts with this bronze, if used on a damaged Djenge Frett, Champion, strengthened light-longship, berserker, etc.

Skjall (Silver) - kind of like Stennis, but only for Cursed units. You cant choose the one you want... but if you only put 1 cursed unit (can be silver) you're guaranteed to get that one, plus this unit's 5 value. Note the SK spy is cursed, and so is Morkie, two great targets for this.


Cyclops - destroys one of your units to damage its value to an opponent. Might not sound great but it used to be the abilty of a silver, now on a bronze! If you want max synergy, use it on a deathwish unit to both get its effect and strengthen the cyclops, but the card is great even otherwise, when you need to destroy dangerous ongoing abilty units like war longships, impera enforcers, mangonels or even Fake Ciri (let her grow then destroy her to hurt the strongest opponent!)

Griffin - 9 base pts make it one of the strongest bronze units, and you can have any deathwish effect of another of your bronzes - call another buffed nekker, damage 4pt with archespore, get 4 pts with earth elemental or 2 damage to a row with rothfiend (which is also a high pt bronze). I would say that checks on both versatility and strength.

Shadow (Silver) - another silver similar to NR Stennis... you cant summon silvers, but this time you can choose the (deathwish) bronze you want! Usually only gold cards give you liberty to get something specific from the deck, but this one does that too. Of course this might not be the best choice if you only have 1 or 2 bronze deathwish units on your deck.


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I'd pick Reaver Hunters over Field Medics for Northern Realms.
I think Cyclops are incredibly underrated, you can use them with Nekkers to get huge value.


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Now with the upcoming update it's most likely that this guide will become outdated, and on the first days / weeks, it will be hard to say which ones of the new and old will be underused, but i'll try to update this guide when the meta stabilizes again.