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Do you plan to translate GWENT into Arabic , as it was on the Witcher 3? (texts only)

I hope if you can do that or at least give us the opportunity to help you to translate it into our language

thank you
For now no such plans - sorry!
how do you plan on adding expansions?
like will all future cards/expansions be put into the normal keg?
or will you go like: base keg, ex1 keg, etc...
if you choose the 2nd option i just hope they arent more expensive than the base keg
Expansion specific kegs are an option.
The new page will be available all year, that should be enough time to unlock everything :)
Yes, but to that page there will be trees added from upcoming expansions, correct? That also doesn't solve the issue that there are more time-limited trees (yearly and seasonal) than there are Reward Points to gather. So far it seems that unlocking everything for base page will take one or two years with gaining 2-4 Reward Points per day, and the pages and trees will keep coming and the book will be growing. My question is, is completing the Rewards Book impossible by design, or will there be any way to gather the points quicker, or in bigger amount (because, as genereous as some contracts are, vast majority of them is quite cheap, offering a mere 1 point)? What is team's opinion on this topic? =)
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Are we getting a surprise update or a surprise delay?

Im saying this because there's less than 24h of January now, and usually updates have announced release day and hour in advance, and we got none, except 'end of January'.
Hey Burza, loving Gwent at the moment, really looking forward to what the future of Gwent will bring!

As a NR realms player, I can get a bit frustrated with the amount of lock cards that are around at the moment, especially with many of Usurper decks. I don't knock the ability, i just feel that when an opponent is running all of the lock cards (I anticipate muting my PC as soon as I think that an alba armoued calvary will come out!!) . I'd like to see some restrictions on the ability, either an order or limit the range perhaps? Just a suggestion! And also more ways to remove lock.

I am also a big fan of the Witcher series including the books. Are we likely to see more characters from the books?? It'd be really great to see all of the Rats in Gwent!! As an idea it could be the Rats are one card that acts like Shupe and it randomly chooses one of the Rats who have different abilities. Just a thought! :)
Hello there! By reading Reddit I see that people don't really like Arachas Queen model because it "looks like Behemoth and not the Queen" . Everybody who reads that subreddit already has some kind of feelings about that. I'm here to ask about Brouver. Not trying to be rude or something... What about his model? He doesn't really look like Brouver from card. His axe has long handle / handgrip - on art he has short one. It's not even double-sided (i mean the blades, don't really know the word to describe that). He looks like garden gnome and not like Mahakam's Elder. He was suppoused to be taken seriously and personally I can't think about him like that.
I believe drag and drop is important, will we have it at some point?

Also how long will the new tree, wild boar, stay for?
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Two questions regarding boost Nilfgaard;

1) Will Cahir get some sort of tweak? He is too vulnerable right now and easily gets killed or reset by everything. Making him immune like Milva and give him a similar ability would help him.

But it's also due to him not having a leader that supports him and him being part of a weak archetype. Look at Hemdall for example, he works because he is not the core of the deck, the deck has other ways to win, he is just a nice addition. In addition to that Arnjolf immediately boosts him turn 1 and allows him to boost right away and survive. That leads me to question number 2:

2) Are you planning on adding support to the boost Nilfgaard archetype at some point in the future?
Maybe a boostgard leader so Cahir can be boosted and protected immediately? Just like Armjolf protects Hemdall.
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Any chance for more than 40 deck slots?
(I myself use like unique 2-3 decks per leader (after resigning from (deleting) a total of 5-10 decks per leader) and now there are :O 25 leaders)
Hi Burza. After the latest patch a large amount of PS4 players can no longer log in, being stuck on the loading screen. Some people have had this issue since Homecoming launched, but it seems much more widespread now.

Is this on CDPR's radar, and can we expect a fix? I'm really looking forward to playing the new leaders and having premiums back.
Is this artifact change to spears going to stick? I felt like the intention was to make pure artifact decks basically impossible.. the outcome is that those decks which already were basically nonexistant are purely gone but the context spears were being played in are now better than ever. person without last say in R3 can open with spear and not even lose a point for that because it carries over to the next turn. if it's SK they can play marauder and do 6 damage in one turn. spears are actually better than ever now with this change.
1 . - Hi. Why you "nerf" artifacts? I think they were fine before because in the current meta in fact they are almost useless in most cases...
It's the same thing with weather effects. They are almost useless. Why? because to win you need to drop only units with a lots of points in very few turns. That's the reason why all people play the same decks over and over and the same OP cards or combinations.

(witcher trio + roach = 17 pts in one turn if you play first. or other cards that can add another allies into the board, for example Wild Hunt Riders etc. things like this broke the game in my opinion)...

...and artifacts can do only 1 dmg point/buff per turn... so... why that unnecessary "nerf"? (I'm saying "nerf" between quotes because in fact they were buffed in the wrong way so...)

(for example Gernichora can use spears thrice per turn with this "nerf"... so fix that because she is super op and broken, same with marauder skellige etc. 6 dmg in one turn...)

2 . [Not a question.]

3 . - [Already answered.]

Also well done with Chrionex/Unicorn nerf. I think both are fine and balance now. : )

4 . - Last thing. Any plans to change Botchling cost from 8 to 9 or even 10 resources? I think this card is very very good to cost only 8 resources...
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Is the RNG distribution going to be looked at? iirc someone actually tracked the likelihood that when revealing a card in the opponents deck it was statistically significant outside of the probability that it would show the same one again. Also the random targetting when something pings a bunch just seems off like way more 9 pings went on these 2 units out of 5 exclusively than you could possibly expect.
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Currently you can see if your opponent Aed is able to seize your lowest unit based on the color of his ability. this tells you how many tactics he is running in his deck. is this intentional or an oversight? Will this behaviour remain the same?
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1) A LONG time ago you mentioned that the team had ideas for at least 2 more factions. Do you still have plans for adding multiple factions to Gwent in the future, or will it only be the upcoming one that you are working on right now?
2) Jason said on your stream, Burza, that the faction you had planned was scrapped in favour of another. Does this mean that faction will come later or will its cards be incorporated into other factions?
3) Does the team think that it's possible to make new factions with a smaller card and/or leader pool than existing ones will have after some expansions or does the team think that all factions should have a more or less equal card pool when a new faction is released?