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This is such a minor pet peeve but I have to bring it up. The reward for reaching prestige 3 is that the GG rewards goes from 5 to 7. This means that my ore or scraps can end up on uneven numbers depending on who GG's me and how the rewards roll. This irritates me incredibly and is making my OCD act up. Can you perhaps consider switching that to reward from 5 to 10 per GG? I feel that is appropriate and wouldn't give players too much.

And for those that want if possible to ask support to remove or add 1-10 ore or scraps in order to make numbers a multiple of 5.

I know this may sound funny to some or most but whatever!
fyi the way it works is once you get there you GG someone for 7 points and they GG you for 7 points as well. if they also reach their you GG each other for 9 points.
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Slave infantry being used on each other now resets (at least, I haven't checked) the other slave infantry's power.

Is this change intentional or a bug introduced with the botchling change?
Hello Pawel, after new patch I started to have issues with gwent such as drops from game when I am trying to open cegs and sometimes in the middle of game. As far as I know I am not the only one who experience such issues. Are you planning to release a patch to optimise gwent in the nearest future?
Please contact support and send over your logs.
Hey Pawel - any plans on making avatars and border viewable again during matches? I miss to represent my most favorite character / faction / border - the short moment before the matches start are too short. Would bring back some more flavor and it would do justice to those beautiful pieces of art.
Not planned.
Will there be more leader skins which not only recolour or add some details, but also change the existing 3D model? Although Meve skin is wonderful, I'm kinda sad that we can't use her swamp suit which shows her in a different way.
Any plans to change Aguara description on her elven form from "Beast" to "Relict"? I think the last one is more accurate and if you change it this card will be able to have sinergy with the other Aguara card (Fox form). For example to swap between them with 'Call of The Forest' in Francesca's deck.

Also any plans to improve or fix the ability that says "If you control the highest unit do..."?
I will explain: units that have this condition to control the highest unit, should only work when you have the HIGHEST unit... and same points is NOT highest...
Is the Reveal archetype going to be reworked at some point, it's very far from what people fell in love with in beta, additionally are there any substantial reworks planned at the moment for individual underwhelming cards. If not at the moment, will you consider it once the March expansion releases.
Will we ever have the option to customize our card (voice) lines?? like have the option to disable some but leave some. or have the option to change some of the gold cards lines for some currency??
Hello again !
Will you focus on improving performance on the regular Ps4 / Ps4 slim when we use premium animated Cards ? I ask that because i face some fps drops on my ps4 when there are a lot of premium animated cards on the battlefield and in the deckbuilder ...
Thanks !
Hello. I really like Gwent and Thronebreaker, and I especially like the premium cards. Is there going to be an event like last year where you were guarantied a premium card from every keg?

Thank you in advance and keep up the good work.

Best regards
In the March expansion, will the new leaders be only restricted to the blood and wine DLC from the Witcher 3 or will we see new light to old leaders like Radovid and Dagon?
Dear Pawel,

Many thanks to you, Jason, and the Team for your hard work on this most promising CCG of 2019 (IMO).

As a preamble to my question, the recently established Dota Auto Chess have a set of tribe mechanics (bonuses for having X different units of the same tribe on the board). These tribe mechanics combine nicely and allow another layer of synergies between units (not only by abilities, but by tribes themselves). E.g. having 2 trolls gives them bonus attack speed, having 2 shamans gives insta-hex at the start of the round, having 3/6 elves gives increasing evasion bonus, etc.

So, one question if I may: can we expect similar tribe bonuses in Gwent? My guess is that the game would become much more diverse and immersive at the same time; every unit would feel unique, alive and interacting with the board... at the cost of balancing out all those bonuses. Some of them might be miniscule but important in terms of enabling synergies for cheap bronzes; while others might be more powerful but harder to get on the board (giving more time for opponent to react). overall, IMO it would give more space to designers to provide content and balance things.

- Are infinite charges a problematic and unhealthy archetype for the game in the long run? Wouldn't something like crewmen be more balanced and not limit future design? It wouldn't require removal to be high just so that one unhealthy archetype doesn't steamroll everything.

- Why are Aretuza adepts giving bolts to ballistas? :)

- Any plans to change artifact's binary nature? Only way to interact with them is to play cards that say "destroy an artifact" in their text. You have it? you win. You don't? you lose. Artifacts have only ever been a problem since HC released. Not fun to play them, not fun to play against them and not fun to have to tech for them. Control in this version of Gwent is better than both tempo and engines. Point slam is the only thing that balances damage, without it control destroys everything. There should be a healthy circle of counters.

- Is doubling every cards power something that the team considers? For better and easier balance and generally it's way more exciting to play an 8 point card than a 4 or 1, everything feels too weak.
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