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GWENT coming to PAX East 2017



GWENT coming to PAX East 2017

We would like to invite everyone to PAX East 2017, where among other GWENT related attractions, will be giving a behind the scenes look at creating The Witcher Card Game’s animated cards.

Discussing the creative process of bringing a piece of card art to life, how each new card is a new challenge, and how the art team works to overcome said challenges will be CD PROJEKT RED’s Kasia Redesiuk (Art Director) and Brad Auty (Senior Animator). The event will be hosted by Geek Bomb’s Maude Garrett.

The panel will be held on Saturday, March 11th at 1:00PM - 2:00PM EST in the Dragonfly Theatre of the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center. Panel details are also available here.

For everyone interested, but unable to attend this year’s PAX East in person, the panel will be streamed via Twitch in its entirety.

If you have any questions to the panelist regarding art or animation in GWENT, you can leave them in the comments below. Chosen questions will be asked during the panel.

More information regarding GWENT’s presence at PAX East 2017 will be announced on Facebook and Twitter in the coming days.


Burza46;n7973780 said:
If you have any questions to the panelist regarding art or animation in GWENT, you can leave them in the comments below. Chosen questions will be asked during the panel.
Here are a few questions to start:
  • How many different versions of a card's portrait do you go through before you are satisfied with the final image?
  • How do you decide which portrait best reflects the character or effect on a card?
  • How many of the developers' faces are featured on existing cards? (I believe I've spotted a few who seem familiar.)
  • Will the artwork and animations on cards in the single-player campaigns be different from those in the multi-player? (Tease the audience, please!)
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I'm totally going to be in Boston March 10-12. Sadly I don't have tickets to Pax East. C'est la vie. Simple question:

- Can you explain the process of creating a card's artistic design, from concept to finished product? What are the steps along the way?


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It's not a question, but I want to thank you. Gwent has the most beautiful animated cards I have ever seen. I milled all cards from other factions except the ones I play just to get those golden premiums. Please do not change it, it's fanstastic!


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- How many people in the dev team focus only on designing cards artworks?
- When you create a card, do you start by making an effect and put an artwork that match it or make the artwork first then decide what it does?


Do you have any plans of creating a glossary of card descriptions that better connect Gwent to the lore of the Witcher?


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Do the final art on the cards go through a vetting process to make sure that they have good contrast and are view-able on TV's with lower resolutions? For example: The cow carcass card is super funny but the sky is shaded similar to the cow and viking looking dude, and it is hard to decipher. My wife thought it was a jelly bean in the sky....


Can the animations be changed or reworked in the future?
Will it be possible to view a full complete animation from triptych-cards?


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Don´t you guys think it would be awesome that we have voice of Troll (Keg opener) at end of rounds and win/loss voice-overs, with some cool quotes.

Please CDPR do it


A very interesting panel, with several fun little details. For those who missed it, the replay can be found here (starting at 00:06:51).

I'm always impressed at the amount of time, care, and creative energy which goes into each card! It looks like the Team has loads of fun in the process, and are always trying new ideas! As ever, I appreciate the innovative techniques of story-telling within the cards.

I'm quite surprised there wasn't time for more questions (possibly due to an unexpected preview of an entertaining new premium. . . ). However, many thanks to Kasia and Brad
for answering my questions -- and for the little hint regarding the upcoming single-player campaigns! Cheers, REDs!


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Hello there hmmm I am wondering whether u guys are planing on selling DLCs after gwent release like hearthstone ? Thx