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GWENT Holiday Contest!





Winter solstice is getting close! The days are getting shorter as it approaches, which makes it a perfect time to share stories with friends and family during long, cold evenings.

Celebrate winter solstice with us by sharing a story of a GWENT battle you’ve had! Creators of the best stories will be awarded!

In order to participate, write an interpretation of GWENT battle in form of a short story between 500 and 2000 words. The story must be written in English and submitted via email to

The winner will get a Plush Troll, Bag, 1800 Meteorite Powder and a GWENT goodie set.
Runner up will get a Bag, 1200 Meteorite Powder and a GWENT goodie set.
Third place will be awarded with 600 Meteorite Powder and a GWENT goodie set.

Feel free to share your story in a comment section below, but please remember that you have to send an email in order to get a chance to win a prize.

The contest will end at 23:59 CET on Thursday, December 13th and winners will be announced within a week after the end of the contest. Full rules can be found here.

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Here is my submission for the "Gwent Holiday Contest"
I also emailed a copy to correct company.

"The Ballad of Battle"

From the Shores of the North we hear the Song,

Sailing Ships from Skellige, strong shouts of singing spouting across the wild waves

Wonder and awestruck we stand on these sandy shores, shaking like archespore snapping up it's prey

Melitele save us we pray, petrified at the power that pulses from the Skelligan Ships steaming ever closer

The North must unite together to stand a chance! one courageous soul shrieks

Aye, but what of Nilfgaard who lie in wait...plotting and scheming our slaughter

A-and the sodding Scoia'tael to boot! stammers one scared stiff, they wait in the Woods wreaking havoc and hell upon any who dare come close

Not to mention the...M-monsters lurking in the shadows...eyes of everyone now darting to the darkness setting all around them...

Shuddering and tucking tail scamper off the cowards, where only a few left stand on these shores, ready to defend and die for King and Country

As Night now falls, the horizon is a halo of crimson cloud...firestorms of flaming arrows hail down upon us like the wrath of an angry god

Cries of bloodlust bellow from the stalwart ships, our steel plate and shields offering no defense from the onslaught overcoming us

Of a sudden we witness the tide turn! Golden Suns glowing in the distance, driving straight at the Skelligers Ships

Praise the Sun! scream the sliced up and bleeding, begging for a Saviour to save them from this massacre

The Battle begins anew when the Forest springs alive bringing forth all manners of Monster, Beast, boyish elves and maidenesque figures that kill with looks alone

Northerners never stood a chance...caught like quicksand between the warring factions,shredded to ribbons,red the shores stained,claw and clash of sharp steel splitting the should have been dead of Night

Fleet from both factions finally fight! Crashing thunderously together, some ships splintering to smithereens,sending the sods to a deep-sea death...a merciful death compared to the carnage and chaos that is taking place on the scarlet shore

Pirates plunge upon the pikes of the Nilfgaardian force,causing the coldblooded barbarians to frenzy, fighting like men possessed by powerful devils,driving dirks and daggers,blade and glaive into the guts of those golden sun bastards!!

Never has a Battle like this blazed so bright, the Sea alight with blood and fire, chaos consuming those both on Land and Sea!!

Monsters live up to their name...turning on their once Forest Friends...ghouls gnashing, gnawing on the fresh dead flesh of the defeated,spirits of strife and sinister strike at the soul of the shocked Scoia'tael

Slithering and slicing their ravaged ranks like a Witcher's Blade through a blubbery botchling

With the carnage and chaos all around, the Scoia'tael were stamped out stunningly swift,the stench of death drumming up dark desire to deal death to any and all! The Monsters will have no rest till total destruction is upon both dh'oine and any that oppose them

You may wonder, how long may such a force foray on! When will a victor rise from the ashes and claim Conqueror!!

Well my friends, that is for another round of Gwent.

-Peter the Poet (A distant cousin of Dandelion the Poet)
Greetings! I entered the Thronebreaker contest and one of the rulings is that you can't enter twice. So I can't enter the Gwent contest or they are concidered two separate events and I can enter both? x)


Greetings! I entered the Thronebreaker contest and one of the rulings is that you can't enter twice. So I can't enter the Gwent contest or they are concidered two separate events and I can enter both? x)
Those are two separate contests, feel free to participate in both :)
I forgot to mention my username in the mail - would that be a problem?

Do I re-send the mail with my GOG username?
That shouldn't be a problem. We'll contact winners via email. If you want, you can send a second email with information about your GOG username or any other information you would like your entry to be signed with - it will not void your entry, don't worry :)
Are we expected to see an email confirmation? I submitted mine last night :)
No confirmations are sent. Don't worry, your submission most likely arrived without any problems :)

If you had any problems while sending the submission, feel free to send me a PM with details. I can check if your email arrived.
Here is the (long) intro to my story. Really hope it still is suitable for PEGI 16...

He kept walking slowly, dressed in common clothing, hands in pockets and shivering. He made some effort to keep up a steady pace - other than the occasional stop to eavesdrop, where troops spat words of interest to him. Most of them would go on about some wench they plowed in days past, describing the shape and colour of her titts or making faces while impersonating (rather poorly) the supposed lustful moans that accompanied the deed. Hell, if half of those tales were true, there should be no woman left unsatisfied in all the cities of the realm, he thought. Still, he'd rather listen to those stories, as much as he despised them, than talks of war. One could never know how morale would shift with war-time stories. It could bend to his favour, if the men blubbered on about their victories. Then again, most men don't even want to remember, regardless win or loss, any a time they stood against screaming Skelligers.

But now there would be no threat of armorless Skellige screamers, nor half-starved skinny elves, trying to muster strength to raise a sword. Elves would be a treat for every living soul in camp – the King does seem to lighten up when fighting against Scoia'tael, and men know there will be a dozen pretty faces left alive to plow in turns, after the killing part is done. Alas, the armies of Nilfgaard would be the challengers of their winning strike and not a soul could claim with a crystal-clear voice that they'd be the ones left standing come the morrow.

Unfortunately, that night he heard more about the quality of Nilfgaardian smiths than whores, which can never be a good sign. He felt a drop of rain upon his brow and looked up towards the blackened sky, only to feel another, then another. He need not hear more stories on this night. Not caring to maintain his pace, he strolled towards his tend, hands in pockets and shivering.

The fire was still burning bright when he entered.. He stood a moment to warm his hands, before changing into more comfortable sleeping gear.


The scream had pierced the soothing sound of raindrops like a disruptive thunder and the poor fool who mastered it was dispatched to hear it echo in the afterlife. The King did not wait to get dressed again. He stormed out of his tend, wielding nothing but his cock, covered under a kingly mass of belly fat. This was no joke, that much he knew now, having seen his men trying to take positions hastily, like frightened hamsters escaping childish hugs. His thought to rush into battle position, but then he thought of some history book in a random, spider-webbed, mold infested library in the barbaric Skellige Isles reading: “King Demavent the third, sovereign of Dol Blathanna, ruler of Aedirn and protector of the realm, died cock in hand by a stinky nekker, his ass facing a starless fucking sky”.
[This is the story I submitted for the Holiday Contest. It is a little big story (with 1400+ words). I hope you guys like it.]

Battle of Enid an Gleanna:

Ida Emean aep Sivney entered the Queen’s chambers and was a little taken aback when she saw Francesca Findabair, the Queen of Dol Blathanna crying silently. Ida is one of the most trusted advisors of the Queen, not because she was a very powerful sorceress, a Sage, but because of her wisdom and unquestionable loyalty towards the Queen.

Ida immediately realised what was going on. She conjured up a chair and sat near Francesca and thoughtfully asked, “Is this about the Battle of Valley of Flowers?”. Francesca slowly nodded. Ida knew that the matter she wanted to talk about should wait and went on to say “It was not your fault Francesca. Don’t beat yourself”. “How was that not my fault, Ida? How? I lead the army and only because of my mistake we lost the battle”, Francesca replied. “But, Francesca, no other mage in the universe has the might to…”. “Might alone doesn’t win battles, Ida. I learned that lesson in a hard way”, Francesca interrupted her.

There was a moment of silence. Ida realising the importance of her message, broke the silence and continued on the same topic, so that, the Queen didn’t have to hear the news she has in that bad mood. Ida went on, “Francesca, we were unstoppable on the first day of the battle. Within the first six hours into battle, we managed to push the Nilfgaardians back. Thanks to the mutants from the School of Wolf partly”. “Even I am glad that they wandered here as a group, which I hear is very rare. It was a pure stroke of luck. I guess, if the strongest of them.. what was he called? The White Wolf? If he had joined them, we could have finished the Nilfgaardians on the second day itself”. Ida found the perfect opportunity to bring upon the question which she always wanted to ask for a long time. Hesitantly, Ida asked, “Why did you order our troops not to attack on the second day of the battle Francesca? If we had attacked on the second day and pushed the Nilfgaardians back, they would have conceded their defeat”

Francesca breathed heavily. No one ever dared to ask her that question and it was heavy on her heart that she couldn’t tell anyone. Though she was surprised that Ida asked that question, she was happy in her heart. Francesca didn’t need to defend her decision, but answered Ida for her own sake “I had to use the powerful Muzzle spell twice to really break their courage and hope on the first day of the battle. It took a heavy toll on me, but I didn’t want to show that to our commandos and warriors. Also, we were on the battle field an hour more than them, preparing our Swordmasters on the front line. But the real reason is..”. Ida didn’t say anything and waited for Francesca to continue. “The real reason is, I wanted to bring forth the Ragh Nar Roog and I wanted time. It takes a huge amount of energy and had I gone to the battle on the second day, I might not have been able to do it. I wanted a long day of a battle and I wanted the Nilfgaardians to be burnt to the ground so that their ashes become fertilisers for our land”

Ida was thoughtful and said after some moments, “The Nilfgaardians simply sent their Spotters and declared that they have won the battle on the second day. Which helped their morale on the battle on the third day”. Francesca continued, “It was not their morale which won the battle for them… it was.. it was my mistake”. Ida broke the silence with “But you did mange to bring forth Ragh Nar Roog on their front line. All their melee troops were brunt to ashes”. Francesca was contemplating, looking at the floor. This time Ida didn’t want to interrupt. She simply waited for Francesca to say something.
Francesca started speaking in a low voice, “I had all the energy I needed. I planned really well and had all the spells on my command. I had at my disposal The Scorch, Lacerate, and Artifact Compression. That is after I managed to summon Ragh Nar Roog. We had our untouchable Milva on the back of our melee troops, we had the aid from Gabor Zigrin who was also untouchable being close to Milva, and we had.. we had the untouchable The Golden Dragon..”. Francesca’s voice broke and traces of tears started to flow down her cheeks. Ida, genuinely curious, asked, “Why did you hurt our own Dragon? I forgot”. Francesca continued in a low voice, “The Nilfgaardians Imperial Golem spotted you and got hurt. But their Nauzicaa Sergeant was getting more and more powerful by the hour with each incoming troops. I thought it was the perfect time to get the most out of The Scorch spell and damaged our own Dragon so that The Scorch can kill both the Golem and the Nauzicaa Sergeant.”

Ida recollected and said, “Ooh.. now I remember. I managed to beat the Golem, but couldn’t quite kill it as it was just too powerful. But your tactic worked perfectly Francesca. You managed to burn both the Golem and the Nauzicaa Sergeant. That put us on a huge advantage. Especially when we were into the battle for nine straight hours. ”. Francesca continued the recollection, “That was when I did the biggest mistake of my life, which cost us the Vally of Flower. Once we lost the battle, the cruel humans managed to just loot and destroy a huge part of Valley of Flowers. Since it was from an unexpected and illegal aggression from a random Nilfgaardian group, the human historians conveniently skipped the battle but just recorded that some brigands looted and destroyed The Valley of Flowers”.

Ida placed her hands on Francesca and said with a voice filled with admiration, “Francesca, let me tell you. No mage in any universe had ever managed to cast Artifact Compression spell on a Golden Dragon. No one has the might or courage to even try to do that. So, obviously you didn’t know the side effect of doing that. Even though we lost the battle, I was very proud of your tactic and might Francesca”. Francesca continued with a sad voice, “Saesenthessis promised that no one can even touch her. She believed that even if we want to put some spell on her, she will become untouchable immediately after. Sadly, she also didn’t know much about Artifact Compression spell. I wanted to restore her full strength from the Lacerate and used Artifact Compression on her thinking that she would immediately regain all her might and will be untouchable again. But.. but..”. Ida, with a voice full of anger told, “Damn that bounty hunter. We later found out that he is one of the most feared and the most powerful human Swordmaster in all the world. His name is Leo Bonhart. On the last hour of the battle, when we were sure to win, suddenly he jumped from no where and killed Saesenthessis in a second. We had no other choice but to fall back and give up that battle”.

The sadness in her eyes became pure rage and Francesca said, “Loe Bonhart… The next time when we face him, I will personally kill him!”. Ida, proudly said, “Francesca, The Valley of Flower is just a symbol. You are Enid an Gleanna. You are our Enid an Gleanna. As long as we have you, we have not lost anything. Even though we lost the battle of the Valley of Flowers, our learnings from that will always help us. We are stronger than ever. Just for your information Francesca, Saesenthessis has fully recovered and is ready for your next command”. Francesca clearly felt better after the conversation. “Thank you Ida. I needed that talk”. Ida, now content with the mood set, continued, “Francesca, the reason I came to talk to you is that our scouts have spotted some Skellige pirates camping outside our borders and our intel says that they are planning to start the battle tomorrow morning”. Upon hearing the news, Francesca murmured some spells and with that a green aura of magic started to circle around her and sparks of lightning appeared on her finger tips and she stood up full of confidence and rage!

Well, what happened in that battle is another story for another time!

[This is actually based on one my games. I used AC on my Seasenthessis on the last round of R3 thinking that it will gain Immunity at round end, but AC locked her ability and it was killed and I lost the battle. (So, never do that guys). So, I transformed that match as a story visualizing that every battle goes for three days and each turn is an hour. I hope you guys like the story!]
Great story! I had very similar idea and I also submited little story from my own duel, but because of time reasons, I did not develop it as much as you, so it was much shorter and less detailed than yours. I really liked to read yours. :)
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Thank you so much @Charles5pencer! I did spent considerable amount of time to think it over and write it down and edit it.. If you don't mind, please share your story too here!