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Gwent Masters - changes to CP licensed tournaments (Gwent Slam)

Gwent Masters - changes to CP licensed tournaments (Gwent Slam)

Dear All,

Over the past couple of days, the GWENT Slam event, general policy of licensed GWENT Masters tournaments, as well as Crown Point distribution have become the subject of a heated debate among members of the GWENT community.

In response to that, I want to let you all know that it was never our intention to make the rules seem unfair to gamers, who are participating in licensed tournaments or wish to join in the future.

Seeing how strongly the community feels about this, we decided to introduce some adjustments to Crown Point distribution in licensed GWENT Masters tournaments:

- Crown Points can only be awarded to players who got into the tournament via qualifiers or by winning a previous event in the same series and earning a ticket (for example, if a player wins in the upcoming GWENT Slam tournament, they will receive a ticket, which will guarantee their participation in the next GWENT Slam).

- At least 8 players need to participate in a licensed event for it to be recognized as part of GWENT Masters. If the organizers can and wish to accommodate it, a licensed tournament can have more than 8 participants. However, only the top 8 can fight for a piece of the prize pool and earn Crown Points for participation.

- In all future licensed events following the upcoming GWENT Slam, the number of players invited to the tournament cannot exceed 25% of the tournament’s total number of participants (for example, if the total number of players in a licensed tournament is 8, only 2 of them can come from invitations).

- Only the winner of a licensed tournament can receive a ticket to participate in the next event of that series. This means that there can only be 1 ticket awarded per event.

Regarding GWENT Slam, I would like to apologize to Lifecoach and the entire team involved in organizing the event for the harsh feedback they received, when in truth they were just following the rules at that time — you did not deserve this and for that I am truly sorry.

We’re currently in the process of updating legal documents available on the GWENT Masters website to reflect the changes described above.

I do hope that resolving this will allow everyone to feel more at ease now and have you looking forward to both watching and participating in all future GWENT Masters events.

Rafał Jaki

GWENT Esports Lead

This is great news. Thank you so much CDPR for being a company that listen to community feedback even when sometimes it is not communicated in the most diplomatic way. We are all really passionate about this game and want it to succeed just as much as you do.

I just hope Lifecoach and his team are not discouraged from hosting tournaments in the future. I believe the community is very grateful for the effort they put in to promoting Gwent and growing the scene, and I really want to say a big "Thank you" to them all and others who put so much effort into making Gwent great.

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This is what I like in CDPR, they are always willing to implement changes based on the feedback.

Great changes it goes beyond simply fair enough to please the base, you really did excellent job with handling invitations at licensed tournaments

I am confident you will run a great overall series no matter the number of organizers having licensed tournaments.