GWENT: Rogue Mage -- First Single-Player Expansion!

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Has this game had the worst marketing campain ever? I mean 1 tweet and 1 interview 1 day before launch. I understand that the don't want to overhype like they did with Cyberpunk, but this is crazy, a bunch of hours before release and we know nearly nothing about the game.


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This is the golden nekker project?

I am a Gwent veteran, been on it for almost 6 years, but i'm also a long time gamer, 25+ years, and i know the videogame industry pretty well, and announcements so close to the release date are always suspicious, not to mention its a mobile only game, if i understood correctly?

I will not be buying it on launch like planned, i will wait for reviews.
(despite my suspicions, i do hope its good, as i would for anything witcher related)
Is there any other posts about this game? On CDPR website maybe?
Twitter link doesn’t work for me for some reason
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