Halloween Fan-Art contest results

Halloween Fan-Art contest results

First of all we would like to thank all of you who took part in this contest and sent their projects to us!Together with RED artists we choose from among those submissions the best, which are published on the main site (Polish, International). Next, from among those published works we chose two lucky people, who will get the prizes:The Enhanced Edition signed by the RED team goes to: Nuvur The witcher swag will go to: Ailinon We've also decided to award following people:Iskra* for the comic Other language versions: English, Russian and German.didi510 for Abigail's costume MaevesChild for the project "Some Philosophy involved" Congratulations!
Excellent work, people! And I'm glad to see Didi got recognition for her costume project! Well done.Anyone care to translate the comic strip?~ Roxy
Err, well then :D A little bird *cough*Eriash*cough* just told me to check the news, what a nice surprise :DAnd I second the comic translation motion. Will there be a full gallery with all entries? Would love to see everyone else's.
Congratulations everyone! and it's good that you now know all your hard work was appreciated, Didi :) :wave:


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Wow, what excellent pieces of art! Congratz to all, you are really great artist and I would like to see more of your extraordinary artwork :D
Here's the [size=13pt]translation of the comic[/size] (in Polish it has rhymes, maybe I'll try to translate them a bit later). The translation goes top to bottom, left to right.1 - Night came upon the forest, the forest slept in the darkness / Someone rushed on the horse through the forest in the night / Several dozen of years before the saga / Echo thumbed among alders and birches, when a father took his son home / Why are you boy so looking at the forest?2 - There father, He, Erlking is giving a sign / Wild Hunt! Damned Saovine night. Tonight every wraith, apparition, ghost comes out of the depths. Rush my horse, rush. / Come my boy into the forest. In this hollow forest! Time will pass happily. I'll unfold uncanny magic.3 - Do you hear my father, this voice among the trees? It's the King calling me, it's his singing. It's the wind, my son, it's the voice of the wind. Alders are rustling, and heather is humming. / Damn, what a cold night. It's barely November, and soon it'll start to snow. / [clank]4 - Hunt! / It's not the time, Witcher. Not yet. / Soon, you'll serve me with your sword, so there'll be enough souls in my retinue.5 - Come to me my boy, into this deep forest! Ah, beware, 'coz I'm calling the last time. / So father hid his son among his shoulders, and rushed his horse with his spur, he didn't know his son was dead, in this hollow forest of alders and birchesI'm aware, that this translation does not have the same impact as it has in the original, but I hope you'll get the general idea now. And as I wrote, I'll try to give some rhymes here and there.@Ifayra below, I believe so ;)
The author wrote on the Polish side of he Board, that he took a few quotations directly form "The Erlking". I asked him, if I can translate the comic directly on the pictures. If he agrees I'll upload them later.
Congratz to winners, you're really talented ;) I wish i could make something like that. But Abigail's costume has not my size :wall: :teeth:
OK, so here's the English version of the comic. As Ifayra, rightly noticed, the majority of the text is taken from "Der Erlkönig" by Goethe. Except for the last verse, I used translation published HERE. Enjoy.
Daerdin, thanks for making the efforts to translate the Polish comic, it's very impressive :eek:Congratulations to all winners, great work :beer: didi aka Abigail is wonderful. The Geralt pumpkin head is an excellent idea as well 8)
No problemo Petra. And as it's Göthe, it could be nice to have this comic in German as well. What do you say? If you could translate the parts not coming from "Der Erlkönig" I would implement them into the comic, and upload the German version.
Congrats to all the winners! The stuffs great! I really like it a lot! :) You deserved it. P.S.: I was watching the fanarts gallery update and teh other pics that took part in the competition. Talented artist!!! I adore it ...P.P.S.: And I want to thank those who voted for my fanart in the gallery ... :-* Very nice of you!
Thanks, Daerdin! Wow, the comic is amazing.And Didi, you know we all loved your costume!Daerdin, your sig is hilarious.
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