[Heavy Spoiler] Opinions on the ending. (Back to earth choice.)

The ending made me feel like it was cut short to not delay the game again. The tests and the build up where V snaps and seeing hallucinations and nightmares could have a been a perfect setting for a revenge against Arosaka where V would have nothing to lose with limited life and make a suicidal invasion to the tower where he/she would kill everyone like Kill Bill. V would first destroy the soulkiller and mikoshi then killing both the sister and the father floor by floor with those people call V midway like the credits as news and feed goes by. (Not specifically during tower but also on the way there.)

And after the father dies in his son's body, suddenly Johnny will appear again although he ain't supposed be anymore. As if doing what Johnny left unfinished and perhaps an ending like in Fight Club.

I leave the rest to your imagination.

I just loved the flow and story and this shortcoming left me quite disappointed.

Maybe it will be added as dlc?

It will also compliment the devil tarot card of Misty.

V would be like "for jackie", "for Evelyn" etc. as bodies drop.

Much more of a trilling and impactful ending.
Almost every ending is open, so I'm sure we will see some story extensions in the future. Problem is we had like 6 endings and 3 or 4 are open if I'm not mistaken, if they want to continue in every possible way, it will be HUGE DLC. But I guess they can figure out how to do it. Maybe something like "all ways going back to Night City", for Nomad ending etc etc.. who know, we will see.
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