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Help! PC Problem - No Desktop

Guys, I'm experiencing an issue on my PC that just cropped up and I'm hoping someone may be able to help.
This morning I booted up my PC. All worked fine, I had a nice pic on the boot up screen but when boot was complete the screen was blank *except* for the mouse cursor. No desktop: icons, W3 10th Anniversary wall paper, zilch.
I could start task manager then starting my browser through the "Run New Task" command. So monitor works fine, it appears the PC itself is fine, just no desktop,
The bootup process did seem to take a bit longer than usual, that was the only unusual thing I noticed.

Any one has any idea what happened?
If you can open task manager, Run *explorer*. *explorer* is the application which shows the desktop. Open the *Run* window and type *explorer* (without the asterisk) and press Enter key. It *may* solve the issue.