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Homecoming and what it means to Alchemy.

Hey guys, I was just wondering what do you think will change for the Alchemy archetype with homecoming?
I recently fell in love with it and I`ve tweaked it a bit so it would be fun and risky and it`s been a blast!
So yesterday I read the compilation of the Ask-a-Dev by 4RM3D and saw that like 80% of the cards or something will be changed, rows will be reduced to 2 and so on. Lots of changes.
Do you think Alchemy will remain as a strong and viable deck and true to itself (as in will it play the same)?
Starting with the fact that the number of bronze copies will be reduced to 2. Alchemy is (on of ) the archetype that is hit the hardest by that, because that change was aimed at archetypes with too less key cards. Alechmy relies on playing Viper Witchers up to 6 times and reducing that to 4 reduces the reliability extremly. Also reducing Vico Novices to two will hurt again as most potions aren't worth it on their own.
So just with that change and no follow up, alchemy would be dead.

At the other hand there are a lot more changes and 80% of all cards will be reworked.
There will be less tutors which means that Vico Novices are likely gone as a tutor, which is probably a buff for alchemy(except for deck thinning). Not being tutors but likely staying an alchemy related card they should become a card that profits directly from alchemy such that there is a second key unit besides the viper witchers. I could imagine even Vico Medics joining the alchemy archetype in a reworked way.
And not being able to tutor potions should allow them to be buffed such that they are worth playing without a tutor, which should be an overall buff.

To sum this up, I expect alchemy still being an archetype and being playable in homecoming. But functioning different in certain ways and relying on more cards that will hopefully be shifted to that archetype.
I think it's almost impossible to say. Whether an archetype is viable or not, does also depend on the strength of the competitors: what will happen to NG soldier, NG reveal or the iconic NG spies?

We saw literally zero Homecoming-cards, so it's a wild speculation.
Yeah, it's too early to tell. Perhaps we'll see different units with a different kind of alchemy synergy.
in that case having two of each kind probably wouldn't be that bad.

But no idea what will happen. We'll see :)