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Homecoming News Coming Soon!



We’ve been quiet for quite some time and I know everyone is expecting some information regarding project Homecoming. We promised that we’ll be showing something after E3 and we will, we just need a bit more time. The team is working really hard to deliver a new and improved version of GWENT!

Expect fresh leeks mid July!

Thank you for your patience!

Paweł Burza
GWENT Community Manager
Wow. I really don't like announcements that imply something very soon after E3 when it's not going to be soon after E3.

I would have preferred the original information to be mid July instead of "after E3" because naturally after E3 I am expecting something.
An announcement announcing announcement!

P.S. I believe the only thing the community wants to hear at this point is that CDPR is keeping 3 rows after all.
Easy there tiger. Mr. Burza took time out of his day to inform us we will be informed shortly. He even took time to draw attention to the tasty, healthy, often underappreciated vegetable known as the leek.
An announcement announcing announcement!

P.S. I believe the only thing the community wants to hear at this point is that CDPR is keeping 3 rows after all.
How about you don't talk for everyone? I couldn't care less about 3 rows for example.

Anyway, at this point 2 rows are locked on so you are going to get disappointed.
Not all factions have many cards that fit the siege description so I think that combining the ranged rows makes perfect sense.
I think this is a reasonable point, from a tactical perspective. Technically, Northern Realms and Nilfgaard are the only factions who use proper siege engines. Skellige's ships are not true machines in the traditional sense (and never mind that they require a navigable shoreline or rivers to attack or support land troops. . . ); Scoia'tael's tactics are not developed for siege warfare (although I suppose dwarves could employ engines of some kind); nor do the majority of Monsters construct this sort of advanced equipment. Stretching the definition of a siege unit to a large, rather unwieldy 'tank', some giant creatures and dragons could potentially qualify, but I've always thought this a bit much. Overall, there are only a few units which would 'realistically' require the distance of a siege row, if we consider the board as a battlefield. Most units could get along fairly well at closer quarters.

A few grand machines need to be set far back on the battlefield for defence purposes. Trebuchets, for example, must be constructed in place for a siege, preferably well behind the front lines, out of shot of the walls, so their crews may work in safety, and cannot be easily repositioned. Basically, they are static heavy-artillery pieces, which are best suited for long-range assaults on castles or troops. (They're not so good for pitched battles, and nearly worthless for guerilla fighting). Additionally, their operation is rather slow. Ballistiae, and some catapults, are another matter, since these can be mobile, anti-personnel weapons. While they do not need as much room as trebuchets, they do require distance in order to be operated in security. One of the points -- to name only one -- which Gwent has hitherto overlooked is the fact that real siege engines can be captured or destroyed if placed too near the enemy's troops. There are many other tactical and practical military considerations which have been suspended for the sake of the game's style and format, of course.

I'll be curious to see whether Homecoming's two-row system introduces a bit more 'realism'. . . .
Moderator: All right, let's take a rest here. There was already a long, critical discussion about the number of rows. Since the topic always seems to cause aggravation, please, leave it for now. We shall just have to see what the devs have in mind for the two-row system, then, respectful conversation and critiques may continue.