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Homecoming Reveal

I am just blown away by the visuals! Loved it. Thank you and Congratulations CDPR! Well worth the wait. We will now wait for more leeks. Bruza, prepare for a million questions tomorrow :p

But why the Gold didn't have special borders? We were informed that borders for gold is reworked.
What we have seen:
-the board is visually 3dimensional, but the cards remain cards and are placed on the board
-leaders are 3dimensional characters standing at the side of the board
-only 2 rows
-there are abilities with different effects depending on the row
-the number of mulligans depends on the leader and seems to be a lot higher
-the mulliganed cards stay at the side of the screen until the end of the mulligan phase
-no more silvers, because with the card cost system, there is no need for them anymore
-base strength is displayed on the detailed card information

And probably a lot more that I have missed or forgotten.

Honestly, I still can't give a real opinion about the changes. Most of the visuals looked great, but I didn't see enough of the 3dimensional board to get used to it and to tell if it really fits.
The reason for removing one row per side was stated as avoiding to have too much text on cards, if abilities for every row had to be described. With the shown content, I honestly say anything about that yet. We have hardly seen any of those new abilities, and haven't seen any actual gameplay to say how it works. At least the reasoning didn't sound too convincing.

All in all, the HC reveal seemed far too short and without any real gameplay, I don't see that much meaning in showing that video.
I would have preferred a written announcement with a full reasoning behind the changes. At least for me the delay to give us visuals didn't improve anything at all compared to an earlier anouncement without visuals.
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The animated board was cool, but overall I didn't like what they showed, are you supposedly playing on the nasty ground of a monster den instead of a table? I don't think it fits in a card game. It's way too dark. It looks like some dark filter was applied to card art too, which I don't like, the card art is fine as it is right now. 3d leaders look out of place and make the visual look too cluttered. Transparent point counters UI to the left is fine except for the pass button which looks really bad. It was a tiny video that honestly took way too long, I expected much more after a delay. We'll see I guess...
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The solution of the coinflip dilemma - having a different number of mulligan available depending on the leader - seems interesting enough.

While cards and cardbacks look great, the 3D leaders do not. They look too much like puppets. :rolleyes:

Or maybe I'm simply too old to appreciate anything that's not plain 2D.
Love the new look - darker cards and the board. From what i understand the silvers are removed, but the rarities with their base costs stay the same?
first impressions are very nice, 3d leaders awesome , maybe animation a bit dummy (not sure), row abilities are great too, actually all visual transformation are awesome feels liek a real battle on the battlefiels (not a game in the game xD), but what about overall mechanic? i hope it will be nice in summary too

visual 5/5 no way
Remarkable, and quite different. The 3D models are an unusual choice -- although I recall some players requested something similar. The new visual design looks as though it has potential to introduce a bit more 'life', or rather motion and ambience, to the battlefield. Personally, I've never cared much for the static board, especially in contrast to the animated cards and effects, so I'm very interested to see the 'living' environments, and how they may relate to what we'll see in Thronebreaker.

As ever, commendations to the tireless efforts of the RED creative team and its artists! Well done!
Board is beyond amazing, 3d leaders idea is imo great, they just need some more work because they look little out of place. Board will change depending on matchups? Because it looks like monsters themed one