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HOMECOMING: What we know so far

The Q and A of Homecoming distilled from the Ask a Dev thread. Some questions and answers are para-phrased for the sake of readability.
(This is a work in progress.)

Gameplay (Combat)
Q: How many rows will Homecoming have?
A: Two, but rows will matter again. Thronebreaker will also be translated to the two row version of the game.

Q: How many bronze copies can you have in your deck?
A: Two, max.

Q: Can you tell, at least roughly, how many cards will be changed?
A: Approximately 80% of the cards will change. Evaluating the row change based on current card design does not give a clear view on what we're aiming for. We'll talk more about gameplay once we have the final design and hopefully that will put the pieces together.

Q: What role will tutor cards play in Homecoming?
A: There will be less tutor cards in the game. As it stands now, we got to a point where we had a tutor overdose.

Q: Will gold immunity return?
A: No.

Q: Are locks still going to exist with Homecoming?
A: Yes.

Q: Is the mulligan/card selection going to be changed?
A: Yes.

Q: Will carryover cards remain in homecoming?
A: We will limit carryover.

Q: Will weather be changed?
A: To a certain degree, but not a lot. This is still being worked on.

Q: How will the interactivity with the opponent be handled? Will he have different ways to counter our moves during our turn, or maybe will just revolve around the ambush mechanic?
A: You'll have time to counter your opponents plays in your turn, we'll also have ambushes for counter-play, you can choose when to activate some ambushes which is cool and a new addition to the game. For example let's say you have an ambush card in play, but the condition for it's activated ability has not been met, you can choose to flip the card and activate it's ability, of course this ability won't be as strong as the one which would be activated if the condition was met and the card flipped on it's own - this is an idea we're toying around with atm

Q: Is it true that minimum number of cards in a deck will be increased to 30?
A: We'll see. We are still playing with this idea.

Q: Will there be drawing cards in-between round?
A: Yes.

Q: Will there be cards that include other already made cards like silver mages (who can cast 3 spells)?
A: There will be some fixed choice cards.

Q: Will every card (faction card, not neutral) be part of some archetype or there will also be "hybrid" cards that work well in multiple decks?
A: There will be hybrid cards.

Q: Could you tell us, to what extent the card's abilities design is completed?
A: We have all factions designed and they are in the process of being tested, more info regarding game design will come. Not ready to get into specifics just yet. Biggest challenge is nailing the new look of the game.

Q: What I'm wondering is whether in Homecoming the cards and archetypes will be unique or whether there will be copy-paste design.
A: We're not aiming for copy-paste design, but for new and unique abilities.

Q: Is RNG really that big of a the problem?
A: RNG is the biggest problem. We have to remember that this is a card game and card games will always have RNG. Of course we will try to limit the amount of RNG in the design space.

Q: Will the rarity (white, blue, purple, gold) change?
A: No change here.

Q: Can we expect new mechanics and keywords that currently do not exist?
A: Yes, there are new keywords and mechanics, including more faction-specific ones.

Q: Will row limit still be a thing? You said that row limit could be canceled and you were considering "a pile" display of the same card with multiple copies on the board. Will you stick to the "pile plan"?
A: Row limit is a thing. We're thinking about piles for tokens and/or the possibility to destroy a card a replace it with a card in your hand.

Q: How will the leaders look like in Homecoming?
A: Leaders are totally different, will wait with going into their mechanics, cause it's a cool surprise, which needs visual representation.

Q: Right now Gwent combat doesn't seem smooth in terms of responsiveness to clicks. Is this on your radar?
A: Yes, it is.

Q: Will locks be getting an overhaul with Homecoming?
A: They might see a change.

Q: Will tags have roles?
A: They will, but there will be less of them.

Q: Will removal/damage be nerfed or reduced?
A: A bit less power on units and less damage done by specials.

Q: Are the rounds and how many of them remaining after Homecoming?
A: Rounds stay the same.

Q: Will Create be a specific Gold mechanic? If yes will you guys reduce the amount of Golden cards with it on top of that?
A: No, it won't.
Gameplay (Features)
Q: With the new tutorial, will the rewards be distributed for players who had already done it or will it be obligatory to play it again?
A: You'll have to replay it; we're reworking the whole tutorial.

Q: Are leader challenges going to remain with Homecoming for new players to unlock leaders or will that work differently?
A: Yes, we will have leader challenges, but done in a different way.

Q: Will arena see an overhaul or do we get new game modes?
A: Arena won't be overhauled. We're focusing mainly on delivering the game and not adding new features.

Q: Do you guys have any plans at Homecoming or at a later stage of adding a prestige system to the current level system?
A: Yes, we're planning something very similar, more info coming soon.

Q: When you are changing whole leveling experience, can we expect that our account level progression will be restarted?
A: Players will be assigned corresponding levels in the new system.

Q: Are there any plans to integrate GwentUp (or similar tools) in the default game itself?
A: We would have to design such a tool on our own, but with the current scope that is not possible. Full focus is on delivering project Homecoming.

Q: Will played card history be improved with Homecoming?
A: It stays pretty much the same.

Q: Will there be alternate/upgradeable cards? (Imagine something like "Geralt of Rivia, Bellegarde" or "Geralt of Rivia, Butcher of Blaviken" or so on)
A: Not with Homecoming for sure.

Q: Can we expect the daily wins system to remain the same or will it be changed?
A: Lightly modified.

Q: Do you have plans for some adjustments for Pro-Ladder system?
A: Slight adjustments will be made.

Q: Will there be statistics or perhaps even a leaderboard of sorts for arena?
A: Not planned at the moment.

Q: Are there plans to implement a trading option?
A: Not planned at the moment.

Q: Would it be possible to save match replays in the future?
A: The replay feature is not planned at the moment.

Q: Can we somehow view doomed cards, like a graveyard?
A: Not planned to to have a doomed stack.

Q: Will the graveyard view be improved?
A: Graveyard and mulligan screen will look differently.

Q: What will happen with our ranking points when Homecoming launches?
A: You will be transferred to the new system.

Q: Will you be substituting the current "Win x matches with y faction" quests with more interesting ones?
A: Yes

Q: Do we get a new faction in Homecoming?
A: No
Gameplay (Faction Specific)
Q: What about cards that interact with the opponent's deck/graveyard and resurrects?
A: Skellige will be the faction with more graveyard interaction for sure.

Q: After Homecoming, will there be some decks like 40 NR, which has a very high upper limit, but a very low lower limit?
A: Probably not

Q: Out of all the cards that you have prepared for Homecoming so far, which SINGLE ONE is your favourite?
A: Pavko Gale - his new ability is a bit OP.

Q: Will NG Spies still be a thing in Homecoming?
A: We'll see, can't answer just yet.

Q: Will the ambush mechanic remain ST exclusive?
A: Yes.

Q: Will Imlerith: Sabbath be changed in Homecoming?
A: Yes, he will, but the design team knows he needs to be a bit crazy :D

Q: Will cards like Quen Sign or Gabor Zigrin return?
A: Quen nope, but Gabor might :)

Q: Will you add a historic deck based on the lore? (there are characters like "Geoffrey Monck", "Jan Bekker" and so on)
A: Not planned right now.

Q: Will you add cards from the Witcher 3 blood and wine?
A: Our main focus is on Homecoming and there won't be any Blood and Wine cards with this project.

Q: Will the Kambi still remain after Homecoming?
A: Kambi and Hemdall will be totally reworked.
Visuals & Cosmetics
Q: How does the board looks like in Homecoming?
A: It feels like a proper battlefield, not a gaming table, with a mix of 2D and 3D effects.

Q: What can you say about the (return to the) darker theme?
A: The game will have a darker feel, but it won't be The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Q: Are leaders going to get unique borders or will they keep gold borders?
A: Leaders will look totally differently.

Q: Will there be some avatars and avatar borders specifically for those who are still playing before Homecoming?
A: Don't know yet.

Q: How will the interface be distributed during gameplay with the new board?
A: No preview on the right side anymore (hover over for preview), other then that everything looks similar.

Q: What about premium cards in Homecoming?
A: Premiums won't change, but some cards will get their missing premium version(s).

Q: Do we get new avatar emotes?
A: They will change with Homecoming, but we'll see to what degree?

Q: Is currency going to get different icons?
A: Improved icons, yes.

Q: Are ranks and levels going to get different icons?
A: Yes.

Q: Do you plan on adding more card backs?
A: In the future, yes.

Q: Will factions retain their faction color for Homecoming and will it still be a part of their border?
A: Yes, but card borders will receive a complete redesign.

Q: Are avatars/borders going to stay the same for Homecoming or will they get a visual change as well?
A: They will stay the same.

Q: Are you guys planning on selling cosmetics?
A: The in game shop will sell vanity items, but we don't plan to sell hard goods like sleeves or game boards.

Q: Will the general order of the main menu be preserved (sorted by multiplayer, singleplayer, collection etc.) or will it be different?
A: It will be different.

Q: Are player profiles going to get extra improvements outside of visual changes?
A: No idea yet.

Q: Have you thought about re-adding the "opponent is making a choice" screen that was removed in the Midwinter update?
A: The overall look will change a lot, so that screen would be no longer applicable.

Q: Will Pit Trap visual be changed?
A: All weather VFX are getting a re-work right now.

Q: Will legendary cards get some epic entrances and effects when they step into the battlefield?
A: Yes, we want to add these cool VFX when playing a powerful card.

Q: Are you going to go back to the old sound/graphical effects for using spells like Alzur's Thunder or a character like Philipa Eilhart?
A: Well, that will change completely.

Q: Will we get more audio taunts?
A: Maybe not with Homecoming, but it's on our radar.

Q: Is there going to be some kind of visual effect when we click the mouse on an empty space of the game board?
A: There just might :)
Collection & Deck Building
Q: What happens with your collection when Homecoming hits?
A: Your collection will automatically be milled, giving you full scraps for normal cards and powder for premium cards. You will retain the kegs, scraps and powder you've already collected.

Q: Is deckbuilding still going to include the resource system you had planned? Won't that make deckbuilding more expensive?
A: It won't make deckbuilding more expensive.

Q: What happens with the Starting Packs?
A: Everyone will get new starter decks, if you're missing some cards for the starters you'll get those too.

Q: Will the crafting costs of the cards change?
A: For now we're not planning to change the crafting costs for cards. However, crafting cost for the deck will increase a bit due to bigger decks, but it won't substantial change.

Q: Will we have the same number of golds, silvers and bronzes or something may switch up between them?
A: We're trying to have a standard number of cards for each faction.

Q: Can you tell us the number of unreleased cards you have already prepared?
A: I can just say a lot.

Q: Will there be a fixed limit for Gold and Silver too after HC? Will it be fixed or within a range? Like Max 4 gold, but you can go with 2 gold too and get more Silvers (for example)?
A: When building a deck you're only restricted by the deck building cost of each card.

Q: Will resource system have same values for each card rarity or it can vary among one rarity (Gold 1 cost 100, Gold 2 costs 120)?
A: Most likely based on rarity and ability.

Q: Will deck building work the same way as now?
A: It will be different with regards to deck size and the provision system.

Q: What is this "Provision system" I keep hearing about?
A: Each card has a cost, so when you build a deck it has to fit the the total cost for the deck.

Q: You said that every faction will have the same amount of cards does that mean you might add new cards or you will remove some cards so that every faction has the same amount of cards?
A: Both actually :)

Q: Can we expect some more cool rewards related to Arena?
A: For now that's it. Later we might have something more :)
PTR & Events
Q: Can I join the Closed PTR for Homecoming?
A: Some might, but this is geared towards the pro-players and streamers.

Q: Will there be an Open PTR for Homecoming?
A: There might be.

Q: When are we going to see some footage?
A: I'm trying to get something to show you in August.

Q: Is there going to be a special event/stream/celebration with the release of Homecoming (kinda like how you did the Open Beta stream talking about things and talking to people)
A: Of course there will be a stream, I miss those and TWIG.

Q: Any plan about premium keg weekend before Homecoming?
A: We'll have a guaranteed card promo coming this month.

Q: Will the events "Mahakam Ale Festival" and "Saovine: Holiday of the Dead" return?
A: For now they are not planned, maybe after Homecoming.
Q: Will the hardware requirements change?
A: Specification might change, but the game will be better optimized. That's what we're going for.

Q: Can we expect to be able to link our Windows 10 collection to the GOG version of Gwent when Homecoming drops?
A: Not planned at the moment.

Q: Any plans for an Android or iOS app? Maybe at launch of Homecoming?
A: Not planned at the moment.

Q: Is a Steam release planned?
A: Not planned at the moment.

Q: Does non-return of Quen connected with some technical/programming issues as you mentioned before or is there another reason?
A: Yes, the card was quite problematic from a technical standpoint.
Q: Will the new age rating affect the future content that we will see in HC?
A: Yes, to some extent it will.

Q: Do the people who got GM, qualify for the next pro ladder season that's available?
A: Most likely yes, but I would wait for official communication.

Q: What can you say about the lack of anything to show?
A: I know that a lot of people are disappointed, I'm also not happy about this situation, but with Homecoming we want to show polished content that strategy changed after we released the letter. All I can say is sorry and that I'm pushing to show something cool this month, so fingers crossed!

Q: Have you already decided what you are going to do after Homecoming?
A: Yes, but we're not ready to share details.

Q: Will the artist's names be back on the cards?
A: Yes.

Q: Will the game still be called “Gwent” or “Gwent: Homecoming”?

Q: Are all faction names going to be the same?
A: Yes.

Q: Will there be a report player button in-game?
A: Not with Homecoming.

Q: I wonder if Korean localization arrives with the same date of Homecomming.
A: We'll have information regarding that closer to release :)

Q: Art that is not used anymore (eg. tri-art), can you consider having a gallery for this and other unused or concept art to browse through?
A: Not in the game for sure :)

Q: Homecoming still "on time" for now? Meaning an October release as it was planned?
A: For now, we are on schedule, dates I'll share at a later time. Visuals I'm pushing for, don't want promise anything tho — sorry!

Q: The first week of August is almost over and we're dying of hunger. When can we expect rations of (video/gameplay) leeks?
A: I'm trying my best to get something to show to you guys, the GWENT team laughs whenever they see me, cause I always ask the same question: when can I leek? :D

Q: Will there be guest stars in GWENT like Ivy, Mitsurugi or other characters from other video games?
A: Not planned at the moment.

Q: Who is the director of Gwent at the moment?
A: Mateusz Tomaszkiewicz is leading the project.

Q: Is Rethaz still working with the Gwent team?
A: No, we parted ways.
Q: Is the price of Thronebreaker still being considered or do you have it figured out by now? Maybe a discount for long time players?
A: We're currently in talks about the price as well as promotional offers for players.

Q: Any estimation on the length of Thronebreaker in its current scope?
A: We were aiming for 10-15h; right now it's over 20h.

Q: Will it be possible to access the campaign offline or will it be always online?
A: We still have to decide this.

Q: Can we get cards by playing Thronebreaker?
A: Once you purchase Thronebreaker cards will be unlocked.
(I'll merge these into the main post later, but for your convenience, I'll keep them separated, for now.)

New Questions (updated 2018-08-17)

Q: Currently we have roughly twice as many legendary cards than common cards (and the same applies to rares and epics). Should we expect a similar distribution after Homecoming?
A: Similar but with slight changes :)

Q: I would like to ask if there will be another way to unlock borders and titles when Homecoming will be released.
A: We were thinking about this, but we'll have to wait and see.

Q: Is a physical release of Gwent ever planned?
A: No, digital only.

Q: Is a physical release of Thronebreaker ever planned?
A: No, digital only.

Q: Can you tell how many pictures from the last awesome art contest are being used for new cards?
A: For now, none, but we might use one or two.

Q: Will Homecoming be released at the same time on both PC and consoles or will there be a delay between the two?
A: We'll see, once we reveal the date.

Q: Will we get into Thronebreaker from the Gwent client or will it be separate client?
A: Probably both options for player that know GWENT and for those just coming to see more Witcher tales :)

Q: Will some Neutral Cards becoming an faction Card or transferring cards to another faction?
A: This might happen.

Q: Will fights be like the seasonal events (Saovine, etc), e.g you'll be dealt a fixed hand and you'll have to figure out the winning sequencing, or will you play "regular" games with a deck you built?
A: A bit of both, puzzles and normal battles, card for multiplayer will be unlocked when you purchase Thronebreaker.

Q: Is Woodland Spirit going to be the new Monsters leader?
A: Yes

Q: Will Dagon be removed?
A: Yes, for now.

Q: Are any other factions going to see leader swaps?
A: Yes, also, Radovid will be removed.

Q: Will Meve become a new NR leader or will she be Thronebreaker exclusive?
A: Thronebreaker exclusive

Q: How will you deal with new leaders when you release them in the future, since some factions don't have too many options in terms of lore? Will you create new ones specifically for gwent?
A: With big expansions leaders will be added for each faction.

Q: Given that a certain other card game is able to link PC and Xbox, is there any technical limitation keeping you from eventually being able to sign into the same GOG account on both?
A: It's not easy from a technical perspective, this is something we are constantly looking into.

Q: Will be be able to upgrade our cards in the campaign and can we build an army through hiring more and more unit cards?
A: You have a camp in which you recruit units and equip weapons, items and trinkets to Meve. You have a resource called recruits these let you create units (cards), which you add to your army.

Q: Will Thronebreaker have multiple difficulty modes
A: There will be different difficulty modes.
New Questions (updated 2018-08-25)

Q: Will Thronebreaker be set entirely in day time or will there be any part that's set in the night time?
A: There will be different settings.

Q: Since Radovid is going on vacation together with Dagon, will Redanian units remain in the game or will they be replaced with different units and later be reintroduced?
A: Some Redanian units will be replaced.

Q: My question is around Thronebreaker and F2P players. Will the cards that you unlock by buying the campaign be available through other means? Or will they be exclusive to the people who bought Thronebreaker?
A: We don't have this set yet. More info soon.

Q: Will you somehow rework Hazards to make them to be a rowstack-punishers again? Also, don't you want to return to both-side Hazards?
A: We will tweaking them a bit, for both-side hazards we really don't want to go that route.

Q: You said that Arena isn't the priority now and I have a question regarding that. Does that mean we can expect less cards designed especially for Arena mode? For example, "Create" leaders, which were pretty disappointing.
A: Yes.

Q: Will Ada still be in the game as a NR leader after Homecoming? If yes, will she have some unique and playable ability in constructed game mode?
A: Yes, she will have a different ability.

Q: You said that Gwent will have completely different VFX for cards, does that mean we can expect some juicy animation and sound not only for golden cards, but also some key spells too?
A: Yes.

Q: Playing arena does not progress Quests or Dailies, will this change?
A: No.

Q: I wonder about the Unseen Elder. Since the vampire expansion is delayed to a later stage, what can we expect of him?
A: He'll have a different ability.

Q: Will the new Northern Realms leader be completely now or from the existing card pool?
A: New.

Q: When Thronebreaker is released, will we be able to pay for it with in-game ore?
A: Don't know yet.

Q: Does Deathwish gets it own leader in Homecoming?
A: Yes, Woodland Spirit.

Q: Are leaders going to be archetype specific or more broad and universal?
A: A bit of both.

Q: Are any other factions leaders being replaced/swapped/demoted? Or is it just Radovid and Dagon?
A: We're cutting Whispering Hillock, because Monsters have 5 leaders in total.

Q: Will Wildhunt be an archetype or will it be a sub category like Necrophages or Temerians for example?
A: It won't be an archetype just yet.

Q: Has the team discussed not letting power creep affect the game in the future? Like how the game started with a 10 point gold Geralt and ended up with 12 point bronzes?
A: Yes, we have.

Q: Can we expect any new characters before Homecoming, besides Saskia from current season?
A: No.

Q: Will there be keg gift packages for new players in Homecoming?
A: Not that I know of.

Q: Will there be some cards like Geralt: Professional, that we can used to deal with a certain faction?
A: Nope.

Q: Will the gold weather have the same cool effects as the previous version?
A: It will change a bit :)

Q: Is the effect of Usurper the same as it is now?
A: No.

Q: I was wondering if we would see new artwork with Homecoming or with Thronebreaker? For example, are you planning to release many of the card artwork leeks from the unreleased content on the Gwent wiki?

A: There will be more new artwork coming in with Thronebreaker, plus some art will transition into the multiplayer version of the game. As for future artwork, we have a lot, but first Homecoming :)

Q: Will cosmetics (borders, avatars, titles) still be present when playing versus other players?
A: They will be present only in the player profile and on the versus screen.

Q: You mentioned that avatars would only be visible in the profile and versus screens - does this mean that in-game emotes are going away with HC?
A: They will work in a different way.

Q: Will Blueboy Lugos/Spectral Whale keep his ability, or at least be modified as a limited ability?
A: It will change.

Q: Since the row limit will stay at 9 units, are there going to be changes to bronze Nilfgaard spies? For instance making them stackable?
A: We'll see.

Q: Will queensguard ability be completely removed or adapted to the 2 card system?
A: They have a different ability.

Q: Since game will be PEGI 16+ can we expect more bloody, brutal, lewd, violent; in one word, even more mature artwork in the game? Are you gonna adjust some artworks from "basic" set?
A: We won't be updating existing art to make it more "bloody".

Q: Will the prices of buying kegs with cash be changed?
A: We'll see, but not planned.

Q: Will the numerical model be reduced? Now the copper card model is so bloated.
A: This will change.

Q: Are there going to be any new archetypes? or will they be the current archetypes but revamped/redesigned?
A: New ones will emerge.

Q: With bronze cap at 2. Will current card abilities like Nekker warrior and Operator exist in HC?
A: No.

Q: Can you say how many gold cards will be in the base card set for HC. Currently NG and MO have 14-15 golds while other factions only have 13.
A: Sorry, not yet.

Q: Since Thronebreaker is NR story. Will the new cards you get just be NR?
A: Mixed for all factions.

Q: If you activate a card's ability does it end your turn or is it something similiar to MTG where during your action phase you can play a card AND activate an ability?
A: You decide when to pass the turn to your opponent :) think of it like an end step before you pass the turn in MTG.

Q: In early videos there is a story mode about Falibor,is this singleplayer mode still there?
A: For now this is put on hold and won't come out.

Q: Will you add avatars, wallpapers, etc. into the Goodies section of GOG for Gwent, same as there is a bunch of cool goodies for the Witcher games?
A: Maybe in the future, but not for now.

Q: When it comes to deck building, is the decklist UI going to be like now (a list) or more like pre-Midwinter where you could visibly see each card in your deck?
A: Similar to what we have now in the game.

Q: You mentioned selecting when to pass the turn on your own, does that mean there will be seperate keys/commands to pass turn and pass round?
A: Yes.

Q: Will activateable abilities have limits/uses? How will they work if one player has passed? Since there is potential for infinite turns there.
A: Yes, they will work if your opponents passes, but you can't really go infinite.

Q: Did Cory Barlog play Gwent while at CDPR offices and did you give him all the leeks?
A: We didn't have time to sit down and play GWENT, but he got to see and meet the teams responsible for both GWENT and Cyberpunk 2077.

Q: After Homecoming will be released, would I need PS Plus subscription to continue playing "normally" or not?
A: We want the game to be playable without PS Plus. More info coming soon.

Q: After the release of Homecoming, can we still play in gwent on Windows 7 x32 bit system?
A: Yes.

Q: Are you guys changing or nerfing Viper Witchers and point slam decks like Tempo Calveit?
A: They will change.

Q: When it was decided to remove gold immunity from cards why was it all or nothing? Would it not be possible for some cards to be balanced to have timed immunity.
A: We tried timed immunity and sometimes it worked, but we weren't too happy with it, we're still playing around with the idea.

Q: What is the design teams philosophy on factions and creating new ones - is it to separate mechanics that would be broken if in the same card pool or simply to group archetypes that have synergy together? and what will the purpose of neutral cards be, after Homecoming?
A: A bit of both actually, because you want to bring in new archetypes and also cards supporting existing archetypes. Neutral card will be more versatile after Homecoming for sure :)

Q: Regarding Wild Hunt as a archetype you said not enough Wild Hunt cards, In future will there be more Wild Hunt cards to make it more of an archetype?
A: Maybe, too soon to say.

Q: Is (White) Frost going to have more synergy/exclusivity with Monsters faction and Wild Hunt?
A: No.

Q: Has Francesca Findabair taken over Specials/Spells archetype in Scoia'tael over Eithne?
A: Both changed.

Q: During Mana podcast you said Pavko was OP but they changed him, could you give us a little tease what his ability was?
A: He would boost a random Dwarf, Elf and Dryad by 2 on deploy.

Q: After Homecoming, what's more likely the new faction that's been mentioned or something smaller like Vampire expansion or new leaders for factions?
A: We'll see ;)
Q: How will the leaders look like in Homecoming?
A: Leaders are totally different, will wait with going into their mechanics, cause it's a cool surprise, which needs visual representation.
Let me guess, leaders are represented by actual 3D models that will stand against each other in the new battleground themed board? :3
I wonder what they are doing with them.
Q: What happens with your collection when Homecoming hits?
A: Your collection will automatically be milled, giving you full scraps for normal cards and powder for premium cards. You will retain the kegs, scraps and powder you've already collected.

If you're going for a full collection check your Golds before the patch hits then if you want to Prem any you have. I swear I also read from Burza that Spies will no longer be a thing, thank God.
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damn man, you are legend! thanks for the work! i got a lot of info about future of the game and so hyped

Guest 4226291

Q: What happens with your collection when Homecoming hits?
A: Your collection will automatically be milled, giving you full scraps for normal cards and powder for premium cards. You will retain the kegs, scraps and powder you've already collected.

Check your Golds before the patch hits then if you want to Prem any you have. I swear I also read from Burza that Spies will no longer be a thing, thank God.
Why does that matter? You don’t lose any scrap or powder
Why does that matter? You don’t lose any scrap or powder
My bad, should've made it more clear - It's mainly for people going for a full Premium and Standard collection. If you have two Leader cards for example, you can transmute the extra copy to get the Premium version. Seen as (for me at least) they're quite hard to come by in kegs, it might be wise to Transmute any copy's you have, if again (I should've made it clearer) your going for a full collection.

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For me the biggest change is actually the deckbuilding. No limit to golds and silvers, the only limit to build a deck being the cost of it in scraps seems a bit too much, and similar to Hearthstone. I don't like it too much if I am honest.

Anyway, thanks @4RM3D I guess all we can do is wait and see
I know that I am most probably in the minority, but I am quite a bit concerned that we are only 2 months (give or take) from the supposed launch date and we've been shown nothing but promises and the info we got is pasted from scraps here and there (btw thanks for that, 4RM3D). The fact that despite this being named Homecoming, the devs are again playing the "yo, we can haz a few good ideas how to change the game despite doing things in the same vein before *cough*midwinter*cough* and people didn't like it much" card is not reassuring either.
Call me paranoid, but I've got a bad feeling about this.

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I know that I am most probably in the minority, but I am quite a bit concerned that we are only 2 months (give or take) from the supposed launch date and we've been shown nothing but promises and the info we got is pasted from scraps here and there (btw thanks for that, 4RM3D). The fact that despite this being named Homecoming, the devs are again playing the "yo, we can haz a few good ideas how to change the game despite doing things in the same vein before *cough*midwinter*cough* and people didn't like it much" card is not reassuring either.
Call me paranoid, but I've got a bad feeling about this.
Without a shadow of a doubt Homecoming will be delayed. I guarantee it to you. So when we get told it’s coming in November or December don’t get disappointed. If I’m wrong and we get it in October then hey, we’re getting it “early” for all intents and purposes. If they’re already 2/3 of the way finished and can’t even show a small clip or even a screenshot, then things don’t look so good. Think how we were promised info nearly 2 months ago.
Burza said that they are currently on shedule. Also there was never said that homecoming would come in october, the only information was that they needed 6 month for homecoming.

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Burza said that they are currently on shedule. Also there was never said that homecoming would come in october, the only information was that they needed 6 month for homecoming.
Well yeah actually, if they tell us in April that they need six months time then obviously they’ll be releasing after they finish developing it. You think they’re going to finish developing Homecoming and then choose not to release for a few extra months? I’m pretty sure they’ll want to release it as soon as possible considering they haven’t had an update to the game in around half a year and even their most loyal players are considering leaving.