Honest expectations?


My expectation of the experience I'm going to get from Cyberpunk 2077 is that...

  • ...it's going to be bad, all things considered. Not my mug of beer.

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I've been legitimately waiting for CP2077 since the announcement in 2013 and it was THE game that caused me not to give up on gaming and quit it entirely. I didn't think it would be almost 8 years before the game came out and I expected it was going to be a third person game as was said from the start so I cannot say the game as it is today is the same game I expected, the same game that I wanted and the same game that kept me from quitting the gaming hobby but I chose "....it will be awesome." because I think there is still a chance though it may not be the exact game I wanted, it may end up being a game I didn't know I wanted and I sincerely hope that is the case.
In the other hand, Deus Ex is a much more linear experience, and it's not really a big open world, not a lot of activities, something that Cyberpunk 2077 will probably have.
Deus Ex is linear at the narrative level but not at the gameplay level. It's design goal (within the limitations of 2000 era hardware) was after all emergent gameplay.

By having consistent rules, they allow players to come up with their own solutions - e.g.

In contrast, a game like GTA while being "open world", is the complete opposite. To clear their missions you often have to walk a tightrope and do exactly as the game wants you to or you will fail the mission instantly.

I have a feeling Cyberpunk if it's anything like Witcher 3 will be pretty "linear" gameplay-wise and that we would be really disappointed if we are expecting the 2nd coming of Deus Ex - like the person I was replying to.
So depends on what aspects of Deus Ex you wish to see in Cyberpunk 2077.
Cool hacking, ability to jump and climb the environment like in Hengsha or Garm, stealthy options. I almost think my favorite part about DX is the immersive ambience and being able to just walk around the cities and not having to worry about a monster jumping out at me. Now I'll have to worry about getting mugged.

And very interesting video Nemo1117.
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You should've seen Bethesda's forums back in 2007 when they first started sharing info about Fallout 3. It went sour (and even louder) quite quickly, though, when people learned what kind of game it was.
The Fallout purists were ready to burn the studio to the ground.

The most hyped game I can ever remember is Star Wars: The Old Republic. We were all finally going to get to live the Star Wars life, as a Jedi bringing harmony to the galaxy; as a Sith lord bringing chaos; as a smuggler running blockades and hoping that our hyperspace jump didn't short out at the wrong time; as a bounty hunter tracking down that smuggler ... . The disappointment was as profound as the expectations.
Honest expectations? Well...

As I've said on this forum many moons ago, my desires for what I want in a video game in general are so niche that "my perfect game" will almost assuredly never exist. As it pertains to Cyberpunk 2077, there are niche things I want that probably won't be in the game; things that either few others might actually want, or things that would be hell to develop and code into a game like this. I'm a fan of the Cyberpunk genre, and I'll never turn down a good open world RPG with fully customizable characters, so this game was just been a match made in heaven.

Overall, I think the game will be marvelous, and I'm certain there will be enough to hold a wide audience on a long term basis. But as we inch closer to this game's release (....eventually) I wonder if there will be enough to hold my imagination and interest long term. No deep dive or Night City Wire has yet to convince me that it will.
It would be a good game, but it will be late...
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Trailer looks awesome to me, nothing more to expect maybe
So, how many expectations changed due to the new information about the delay?
Not really changed, I thought the game will either be pretty great or pretty ok. Leaning a bit more to pretty ok-ish now because of all the delays I wonder how the game really runs? Guess we won't know until it does finally release.
Still the same. Its 3 weeks and the games already gold so it doesn't affect how I think the game itself will play. First time trying to launch on so many platform must be ... an interesting logistical and technical challenge.
So, how many expectations changed due to the new information about the delay?

I just don't understand the absolute necessity to release it on all platforms at the same time.
Actually I don't even remember them saying that Next-Gen console version were supposed to release at the same time as other versions.
Let's not forget they had the pandemic to deal with. Even so, there's clearly high level organizational issues at the company.
I'm beginning to wonder if comparing Cyberpunk to Deus Ex is just going to set us up for disappointment.

I don't think I have heard CDPR refer to CP2077 as an immersive sim. Cyberpunk will probably have branching paths, like an adventure game, but not the simulation aspect nor the freedom.

In trailers I see plenty of scripted scenarios and bespoke triggerable events like hacking a boxing robot to kill a person but little sign of consistent rule-based gameplay mechanics that immersive sims are known for.
I'm beginning to wonder if comparing Cyberpunk to Deus Ex is just going to set us up for disappointment.
Depends on who you ask ,the Deus ex series is one of the greatest gaming franchise imo ,in terms of gameplay/level design i think Deus ex is the closest thing to Cyberpunk ,
Depends on who you ask ,the Deus ex series is one of the greatest gaming franchise imo ,in terms of gameplay/level design i think Deus ex is the closest thing to Cyberpunk ,
While CDPR had experience with branching storylines - plenty of that in the Witcher series - none of their games did "find your own solution"-type gameplay. So if you are expecting that kind of gameplay, you might be disappointed.

Given the lackluster weapons they showcased, just guns and knives, which have very little potential for creative solutions, I feel "Witcher 3 in Night City" will be what we are getting - i.e. a highly detailed "choose your own adventure" where gameplay/combat is "standard" CoD-style shooting + stabbing that's there because it is "expected"; unless there is a bespoke developer-created "hack me" scenario, guns blazing will be how encounters go.

Think "here are the rules; go play" that immersive sims aim for vs "here are the paths that I have laid out for you; pick one" that many AAA titles go for (include CDPR's games)
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Some of us still are with every new release. I've learned to just lurk over there now since I'm just too negative.

I haven't visited Beth forums since 2014. There's nothing there for me and Fallout is dead.

I kinda hope the same doesn't happen here too. I like discussing gameplay and systems and Cyberpunk, so I'm hoping the future will bring some (already) needed improvements to the game.
Well, I think Cyberpunk 2077 is going to be [suspenseful drumroll]... pretty good overall (after a few patches), even awesome in some regards. Y’all didn’t see that one coming, huh? :coolstory: (I still voted #1 :shrug:)

Mind you, I’m a guy that considers “disasters” like Fallout: New Vegas and Deus Ex: Makind Divided as awesome, so my bar is not as high as most people’s :LOL: I’m well aware of CP2077’s shortcomings next to other games in the industry, however I usually judge games mostly by the result of their experience. Plus, graphical power and mechanics aren't the only things that make or break a game for me.

For instance, I should dislike New Vegas (for being a trainwreck), Mankind Divided (for feeling incomplete and somewhat rushed), The Witcher 3 (for its so-so combat and balance), Alice: Madness Returns (for its awkward gameplay), and Just Cause 2 (for its Michael Bay-ness)... but I don't. I actually love them! Some way more than the others, of course.

For me, Cyberpunk 2077 seems to have several flaws but those might not stop it from being one of the greatest gaming experiences of my life... Or perhaps they might do, and the game might end up being just a good enough experience, and life will just keep going on...
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