Hotfix 1.11

Fix the roads not displaying right when you drive at high speed it takes time to load the pedestrian crossing same thing goes with the street lights btw im playing on ps4 pro
The only acceptable replacement for the save/load loot exploit would be to make upgrading clothing items via crafting possible. Meaning that if I have an epic hat, I should be able to upgrade it to legendary. Same goes for number of mod slots. This can be done with a single upgrade mechanic or split into two separate once, depending on how frustrating and resource consuming you want it to be.
BUT! Without the ability to create that perfect item they dream of for their favourite build, a LOT of gamers will leave this game for good. Trust me.
It's nice to see hotfixes like that.
Hopefully CDPR will continue releasing smaller patches which resolves quest related issues instead of waiting for a "large patch" ala 1.1

Would have been even nicer if they hadn't broken it in the first place requiring a hotfix to later remedy it. From the wording of the patch notes, it seems 1.06 broke it but it didn't kick in until 1.10 was released. So, yeah, CDPR screwed it twice before fixing it.
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  • Item randomization has been restored to the previous state.
Is there any new bugs we need to know?

You'll have to tell them since they don't do any testing whatsoever. According to them, the game is perfect. Except for whatever they now break and have to fix.
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The number of usable slots is random. The intricacies of how it's arrived at are beside the point

Save a few people who get their jollies digging into game code. I'm not one of those people. I don't need to know how the sausage is made to enjoy it. :shrug:

Also game is multiplatform Choom. Saving 'remove this mod' fixes things doesn't work for people on PS or Xbox. How about CDP themselves realise slot randomisation was a mistake and just fix it at their end instead? Then everyone's happy.

Nope, you sure don't need to know what's in the sausage. In fact, it might be better if you don't know else you might never eat another in your life. Same applies to the game code, by the way. And I'm not kidding.
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I love this game, like I loved tabletop 2020! Thank you for listening to the community and addressing issues. My experience has been fantastic so far on both Xbox One and Series X, and I know that you will continue to tweak and improve this experience because you guys rock!
Don't listen to the haters...gamers are some of the most venomous and cynical critics in the world. Keep your chins up and know that there are plenty of others out here like me that love what you've done so far and can't wait for more!
Thank you CDPR!

Proof that P.T. Barnum was right on the money.
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Well, well. Just here to post real quick, not like I can add much to a hotfix that doesn't do much

It's a hotfix, not a patch. They're fixing something they broke in the game with Patch 1.06 which didn't go live in the game until Patch 1.1 so now this Hotfix is meant to address that, and only that. You'll have to wait a bit for the next Patch which will break even more things.
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Didn't have a single crash in over 150 hours (PC), after todays Hotfix 1.11 I had a hard crash after less than an hour playing.
I'm currently on my second run, was talking to Rogue in the Afterlife, suddenly the game froze and it also froze my whole PC. Couldn't Alt+Tab out, couldn't open Task Manager, could just restart the PC by holding down my power button... I hope this isn't happening more often now...
Really? We're going back to having to use quicksaves to create the perfect random rolled item before picking it up instead of just not putting random rolls on unique items that make them suck 90% of the time?

And it's odd how CDPR who relies on players using quicksave because their games are so damn quirky, still hasn't implemented a quickload feature to make life easier. Yes, way to go, CDPR. Never, ever learn a damn thing if you can help it.
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This thing is 15gb on PS4. Ill be honest. I don't know a thing about how patching works but it feels like there must be more to this patch than fixing a quest bug and item randomization. Spill them beans CDPR. We know this baby of yours still in development. Big ups on the surprise patch though. I smell a few extra frames on PS4. Keep at it.

Sometimes the only way they can fix an issue is to overwrite an entire portion of code. This seems to be the case with this hotfix since it is fixing something they broke with Patch 1.06 and which didn't become obvious until Patch 1.10. Get used to large-sized patches, my friend. It was the standard in The Witcher 3 because of how they coded their game. Nearly everything is the same damn way in this game, despite using a brand new engine. New engine, same crappy way of coding.
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Thanks for fixing the Takemura bug...

But this is a step backward with the the restoration of item randomization. Removal of randomization was a plus. The issue is that the items had terrible stats.

Legendary items should have max stats and max slots. Period. You shouldn't have to save-scum a dozen times until you roll a Legendary item that is properly leveled to you with max stats. It should just ALWAYS be so. (Honestly I would be fine with the static spawns of Legendary items be altered so they have fixed, high-level requirements too. The current incentive is to ignore them until you are a high level so that you do not get stuck with a low-level Legendary with terrible stats that costs an arm and a leg to upgrade, due to the silly exponential cost of repeated upgrades. Some folks might like the level scaling, I get it. I just don't.)

Furthermore I support Kadayi's suggestion that the mod slots available on items be standardized to remove the needless time-sink and cheese of re-rolling over and over.

That applies to crafted items too. I shouldn't have to craft a dozen of an item until I get one with a decent roll. The stats for loot and crafting should ALL be much more predictable.

Honestly, what difference do the stats make when the combat is so crappy? You become uber strong by mid- to late-game anyway you look at it. The stats don't matter. Boss fights are a joke, nearly as bad as the combat mechanics in the game. I love it when players take the stats seriously. LOL
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Devs, go to work and make proper patches. I know I must wait 6 months to play this beautiful but early access game.
I hope you get your stuff together because 1.1 wanst a major patch. Good luck hope for the best.

More like a year or more, to be honest. Broken, unfinished game and everything they do to try and fix it just makes something else even worse. You're going to have a long wait ahead of you.
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Im on gog and get Update failed this update requires 50gb of space - are you mad CDPR?? just 2 fixes and 50gb???
Pls note i got over 1 TB free space on the drive Cyberpunk is instaled

The 50gb is disk space that's needed for the patch to be implemented. The way it works is, the patch itself is much smaller, around 10GB or less but it then needs certain files to be unpacked so they can be overwritten by the patch. That requires the needed disk space in which to do what it needs to do. Then the space is recovered once the patch is made.
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Is the bug fixed, when playing with a "female" character having male genitals, and in sex scenes the female scenes are being loaded instead of the male ones?

Wow, even the game is confused. Just like folks in real life. Go figure.
These are good moves to make but what about the significant general downgrade on the PC version?
I had to refund the Playstation version and now the PC version is about as glitchy.

CDPR is notorious for breaking more than they fix. Where the heck have you been?
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Great work! Please consider tuning the difficulty a bit to make the game more challenging and dynamic on hard / very hard or very hard+ modes.

Best look to modders for that as CDPR devs just aren't up to the task.
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Hi CD, EPISTROPHY still isn't fixed (fully perhaps) from what it said on 1.1 patch notes. Delamain still doesn't call you on the last cab. I cant finish the quest. Anyone else still having this issue?

If you're on GoG, roll it back to 1.04. That's the last time everything worked for me. I had to rollback 1.06 as it made the game virtually unplayable for me with stuttering and freezing that just was impossible to tolerate. I haven't even tried 1.10 and don't plan on touching the game again for at least a year or more. Until the bad taste and odor fades from my memory.
Could have just met and all legendary clothing have 4 mod slot but you know whatever. At least now we can get legendary clothing with the amount of mod slots they should have as opposed to what the hell was going on before. I notice they mention random gen is under further investigation? Maybe they are making all the legendary clothing a set 4 mod slots and they just need more time who knows.
I have to ask about the big FPS drops. I don't want to update until that's been fixed. Patch 1.1 made the game run nicer until I had a bunch of NPCs and objects ping during missions/gigs -- that is, patch 1.1 runs smooth until I ping or quickhack something when there are plenty of interconnected objects/NPCs, then the FPS go down to 7 (seven) -- if I'm lucky FPS only go down to 10 (ten) -- that is TO not BY, as in I'm merely getting 7-10 frames per second. In version 1.06 things weren't perfect, but it was playable and I was almost always close to or at 60 FPS.

I know I have an old rig, but the FPS wasn't going below 45 (or 40 in the worst cases) in difficult scenes. Now quiet scenes have better FPS but "crowded" (as it were) scenes are much worse. It has made the game unplayable. I mean, if I just sit and enjoy the scenery, I hit 60 FPS and it looks beautiful, but that's not the point of the game, right?
I hope you guys are at least aware the game DOES NOT RUN WELL on pc in terms of performance and needs to be fixed. I have a rig well above the requirements and it still runs really really bad. Dlss also seems to have little to no effect on fps. I hope in 1.2 you guys finally address this as I've seen a lot of talk about fixing last gen consoles but you guys never once acknowledged the PC version and how the frame rate is still pretty bad on here.

That's because CDPR believes the PC version to be bug-free. They even stated the good reviews for PC as proof that their only real issue now is getting the last-gen consoles up to scratch. Their apology was that they focused too much on the PC version and not enough on the consoles so their main focus now is fixing the consoles.

If you'd like to point out the sorry state of the PC version, best be ready to fill out lots of reports about those issues in order to get their attention. Posting here helps as well as on reddit. Make some noise.
what about fixing the issue where people cant complete the gig many ways to skin a cat been stuck not being able to complete it the whole game so far because i cant access the computer to unlock the van
can someone confirm they fixed both things?
I need to test more as I only had 5 minutes to jump on, but I loaded my save, quest log said wait for takemura's call. no call yet, so I advanced 24 hours and nothing. So now it seems to possibly be back to him not calling at all. I'll check more later to confirm but this is my initial experience.

edit: played some more this evening. shortly after leaving the apartment and heading towards the street takemura called and it went through correctly, so I'm now able to play again and progress.
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Why did you roll back item randomization, which is a bug, instead of patch the underlying issue that made you patch out rerolling in the first place.
>Legendaries and epics spawning without full mod slots

This is a problem across gameplay, not just loot drops. Outfits and weapons spawn as zero mod slot items constantly. It is one of the most glaring and ever present gameplay effecting bugs.

You haven't made it worse, but you sure haven't hotfixed it.
my husband has ran across the problem on gig shark in the water where he cant find black and cant get into the back room of the pharma shop
My pre-ordered copy is now another art piece in the shelf, tried to run the game many times, tested all the patches till now on PS4 and then kept the game back in the shelf, disappointed after years of anticipation, still waiting for a playable version (atleast at stable fps and that doesnt look like a ghost town) on my PS4 slim.
Maybe I'll have to wait till I get a ps5 (which is not happening anytime soon as it's not even launched in my country yet).

I really did not see this coming. You got us all fooled! And I'm heartbroken!!

Don't think I'm gonna wait for any patches anymore. Gotta move on :(
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