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Hotfix is now available!



Hotfix is now available!

New hotfix for GWENT: The Witcher Card Game is now available on PC, Xbox One and PS4.

With this update, our main focus was to fix all major issues experienced by the players, especially the connection errors and the visual bug which made it look like Arena decks could be played in other game modes.

Full list of changes:
  • Fixed an issue with double matchmaking in Arena mode.
  • Fixed problems with entering scrolls in Arena mode.
  • Fixed an issue causing “Unknown error” when exiting arena.
  • Fixed an issue causing the game to freeze when canceling and re-entering matchmaking.
  • Fixed an issue which made it look like Arena decks could be played in other game modes.
  • Fixed connection issues.


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4RM3D;n10624292 said:
If the fix is hot, then why is that poor soldier (still) freezing? Heh, better taken some more fitting background like Korathi Heatwave.

Ahem, back on topic...

The picture represents moments just before the hotfix hits. Notice the crow, it's curiously looking up.


So just completed an arena run and 0 DCs. Also didn't see that "trying to reconnect" thing even once. Even lag seems a lot less now. Hope it stays this way forever.
its funny because a few games after the hot fix, which did nothing btw, i got disconnected from my 8th game of arena, which was a win 100% btw. Fix the problems for real next time
what`s more funny`s that after i commented that i got disconnected the next game happened the exact same thing even with my internet working just fine. Fix your damn servers for once


Played 8 games trying to complete dailies, disconnected in 6...
Disappointing and frustrating experience.

Connection issues are still quite prevalent
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Thanks for the Hotfix. I hope, even if the connection issues aren't completly gone they are a lot less.


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EternalJxx;n10624922 said:
Please release balance changes. I know you said you didn’t want to do it mid season but how is this season any different from the last if there are no balance changes?
Pretty gigantic difference if you ask me...


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EDIT: Just came back home and after I did a quick research, I found out that the problems are probably with my internet provider. What a shi**y coincidence that my internet has problems the same day patch is uploaded :D . I would like to apologize for doing hasty conclusions and I deleted original reply for not being true anymore. I hope my connection issues will be over soon and I will try the new hotfix again.
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Muffliato;n10624352 said:
Great news! Guess it's time for some serious GWENTing then.

Nope, i have Zero desire to play this season if the game is not balanced.
cant escape wardancer even in arena
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The hotfix didn't fix squat. First Ranked match of the day and the game gets stuck in r1. :mean:


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The ability to play Ranked even when you started an Arena is a big improvement. I really like to have the freedom of switching from a mode to another without being commited to do the full Arena run when I started it.
So far I haven't experienced any issue with the servers, it seem to have worked at least for me.

Thx a lot guys.

Pruny;n10626741 said:
Nope, i have Zero desire to play this season if the game is not balanced.
cant escape wardancer even in arena
Honestly it'll pass, WD being one of the worst pick in limited since pretty much everyone open pass on R1 and dry pass on R2.
The only way to get a decent value out of it is to drop it R1 and pray that you win the CF (so you kinda block your opponent's open pass) but even then, as soon as he/she gets ahead on tempo he/she will be out of here (which is easier to achieve in Arena than it is in constructed).

In any other scenario she's just a 3 points unit that thin out your deck, which ironically isn't that good in a format where you're most likely to have some blanks (better keep a good hand than mulliganing into a blank).
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Yeah promises promises... 1st game in the Arena. Got stuck. Connection issues. Interestingly my connection is ok....


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if anything, the servers are worse on xbox. and there is no rhyme or reason as i think i exp'd maybe half a dozen diff situations with disconnections. please fix your servers, especially when you give daily quests to make me play arena, yet its the worst mode for DC's. 2 lives lost. i quit playing after the last one as figured that's how #3 would hit me. and please don't ask me to report to support. i did, but the last time i reported this crap, i was ignored.