Hotfix on PC is now available!




We have just released a hotfix for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt on PC!

It fixes the issue where turning on HairWorks on DirectX 11 crashed the game after loading a save.

It also adds some new capabilities for modding scripts: the script compiler now supports a number of annotations. Their main purpose is to add/modify functionality in existing game functions and classes without merging script files.
Any more hotfixes for the Dx12 client, perchance :)? I often keep crashing during loading (and sometimes during gameplay) and during item swaps... Fresh Windows 11 install with official (motherboard website) drivers and GPU drivers. The system is adequately cooled, with stable hardware (e.g., 8+ hours of error-free memtest). The error reporter only sometimes shows up, and I never find this game's events in the event viewer.

Other than that, great game :)!
Great job! I updated, launched the game and it crushed immediately .... Three times... So how many years we will be waiting for the game to be stable again like it was before 4.00? It's year and half so far since it's been released and obviously still counting.
I dont know what is going on, but im crashing nonstop... even i dont do anything and character stand still - game crashes, wth is going on with this game :(
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