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How can I play with friends?

I don't see how I can set up a game with my friend, yet I heard it's possible to play with friends.
Any advise will be appreciated.
If you have your added in gog, then do this:

1) In Gwent, look at bottom left where you could see *Friends* icon
2) Click on that and it will open the Friends menu.
3) Click on your friend and you will see some 4 options. (Chat, Challenge, See Profile, and ???).
4) Click on Challenge and that is it.

Your friend will get a notification in-game. Upon accepting it and choosing the deck to be played, you can play a friendly game. Also worth mentioning, the coin-flip in friendly match is fixed. Whoever is issuing the challenge will always go first. So, if you want to have alternate coin-flip alternate the person who issues the challenge.