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How necessary is Ge'els for Dagon Hybrid Consume & how good is deck in ranked play?



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How necessary is Ge'els for Dagon Hybrid Consume & how good is deck in ranked play?

i think i have the scraps to make this deck, but wondering how necessary Ge'els is for it? Also, any insight on how good that deck is doing on basic ladder? And any advice you can give to someone who's never played a consume deck before would be appreciated as well please. Thanks in advance.


Having played Ge'els myself for a long time, I can tell you it's a double-edged sword depending on the Silver and Gold cards you're running. I don't think he is necessary, unless you favor consistency. Also, it would be helpful to link the exact deck you have in mind. That makes it easier to discuss things further.

PS. I've milled Ge'els during the refund period.
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Ge'els is not necessary in any monster deck. But if you were to run him he would fit best in a wild hunt with longships deck (every wild hunt deck i try cant get above a 60% winrate). He's best if ur using other gold cards that do not require a stipulation from your opponent (an example being g igni) and in a deck with minimal deck thinning. He's a great set up card, that allows you have more bronze/silver units in you hand while still having access to a gold card/silver card on the fly with the other top decked. But even for how great that ability sounds I still find the card to be underwhelming as its value diminishes dramatically with each round its still in your deck and not in your hand. I've used ge'els in the past but now I don't find enough value in the card. I run a Consume deck with unseen elder and I use kayran, drought, regis higher vampire and either caretaker, igni or eskel. If your going for "dagon-consume for carry over" you would run different golds. But like 4rm3d said, without knowing what exact deck your talking about, giving you any feedback or suggestions would just be a guessing game because theres a few hybrid weather/consume/Deathwish monster variant decks in the current meta.
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thank you for the replies. the deck i'm thinking of is a variation of this...

want to focus on toad/manticore/katakan while using woodland spirit, kayran, and either renew or vamp regis. if no ge'els, then just those back 4. but with him, not sure what to drop. my main thing is figuring best deck to make, not for GM or pro ladder, but to get ranked rewards so can build cool stuff for casual. well, that and figuring best way to use such a deck since never played consume nekkers before. my main exp before with nekkers was nekker launcher, but thats not competitive.


here is a fairly standard nekker consume list. as you'll be buffing nekkers for late game points you might want to add nekker warriors. they are 7 str cards now so you don't lose much tempo.

the problem with nekker consume in ranked is it's easy to shut down the nekker res chain. waiting till round 2 to play nekkers/warriors sometimes helps.

toad is ok if you need to get a card from your deck (plus it can trigger a deathwish and boost nekkers but I still think there are better choices). if you don't have crones then yeah, go with toad.

leader - unseen elder

golds - caretaker, regis higher vampire, draug, ragh-nar-roog. (Eskel and/or Caranthir / woodland spirit-weather are options too)

silvers - crones, abaya, morvudd, katakan. (I would drop katakan or abaya for merigolds hailstorm, better potential value).

bronze - celaeno harpy x2, vran x3, nekkers x3, nekker warrior x2 (fiend is an 11 str play if a crone is in hand and cyclops will trigger the deathwish if you use it on a nekker).

special - your choice... weather?.

hope this helps - good luck


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The only thing is that, considering your list I don't see the point of Dagon. If this is just to pull off a free Foglet. It doesn't seem to be worth it to me.
Like mfool123 said, I feel like Ge'els is only a necessity in Wild hunt decks or decks that needs consistency (which doesn't seem to be the case with your list. You have 3 Harpies and the foglet, you don't want to be thining your deck to much. Also no Crones means you don't have any reason to get a guaranteed Silver with him).


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I feel like Monsters overall are just not as competitive as other decks. I say that even though I only play Monsters, so I might be a bit biased...sure it's not like I lose all my games, but I'm not that competitive a player. I feel that most of the Monster's mechanics (Nekker Consume or Weather) are more simplistic and easier to counter that other faction engines (like Skellige resurrecting, nilfgaard revealing, spies, etc).

Also, everyone has access to a few monsters cards (Ekimmara, Drowner, Wyvern) via Dorregary but Monsters has no access to other faction cards, the closest solution being Summoning Circle or Caretaker.