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How Often Do You Poop?

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I ask this because I've been on a diet for the past two months and I think I've lost 15-20 lbs so far. But I've also noticed that in the past I would poop basically like once every 30-ish hours depending. But now it's like once every 3 days.

Let's see, basically I used to eat a pizza every other day and a lot of cookies and fast food. Nowadays I eat a banana for breakfast, Turkey burger (no bread) for lunch, and then brocolli with cheese for dinner.

Oh yeah and my poop is fresher than before. What say you community? ;)
I could suggest visiting doctor - gastroenterologist. U have propably some kind of sickness including intolerance of gluten, milk or sth more rare. It's always good to know about that. Also remember that lossing too much weight in short amount of time could be devasteting for your body.

About pooping: people pooping once/twice a day are healthy. But also visiting toilet once per 30 hours is totally normal. It depends on your diet (how much cellulose is in food and how much water do u drink). If u dont have any kind of pain in stomach, it's fine.
Basically, I wouldn't worry too much. You've drastically changed your diet. Your system will take about 3 months to adjust fully.

Furthermore, based on your list, you used to eat a lot of stuff heavy in salt, sugar, and fats, where as now you're taking in more natural foods, not to mention (by the sound of it) less food overall. Poo is waste, and natural foods won't produce as much waste -- especially not fruits and veggies. As @Veruis mentions above, if nothing is wrong, don't worry about it. Your body will let you know if it has a problem with something.

I've gone through a few dietary shifts over time. It's fairly common for there to be a tummy rebellion until the microbes in both the food and your gut have some time to get used to each other. My one suggestion is not to cut out too many carbs. Put some grains on that burger. The human metabolism is more or less based on grains and seeds. It's mostly dwarf wheat that carries a lot of empty calories. (Seriously, I compare it to drinking alcohol in terms of nutrition.) Whole grains, rice, corn, fresh oats, flax, tahini...there're a lot of natural options for sale dirt cheap.
Depends on your metabolism as well. Mine for example is very slow. No cardio no poop. But we have fart and poop expert here on the forum. Bubbles?
Having trouble pooping? Cup of coffee and a bowl of raisin bran every morning should do the trick!
A couple of posts deleted. Let's not. (Considers his marshmallow rifle. Drops it. Lifts a poo-stick. Grins far too widely.)
You've probably memorized dozens of addresses, phone numbers, release dates, and anniversaries, but none of you had probably taken the time to count how many times a day that you go poop. This was all a part of my plan to get you guys to stop neglecting one of the world's most interesting numerical values.
You seem to have diarrhoea on these forums.

I used to play an online game where they would do fortnightly maintenance. Usually running 4+ hours long. Ikr, God dammit. Basically, I'd lay my pipe around that schedule and once the maintenance ended and then the paperwork was done, game on.
You chose the best clickbait title for the thread lol
As for myself, I tend to poop more often when I'm on a diet. I think it's kind of mental persuasion for your body "to lose weight faster"
I saw the title of the thread and i had to read it . Once a day for me and now i am worried that i don`t do it enough .
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