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How to One shot Dagon (Spoiler)



How to One shot Dagon (Spoiler)

Hi guys !

Last year the Dagon fight turned in to a joke in an unexpected way for me. It was my first run using bombs. I thought it was a bug but it happened to me again yesterday so I reloaded my game and made a video of it. Probably a lot of you already saw or made this but damn... This fight is not so epic now XD


Cool video. So you used Dragon's Dream. Do you have any mods installed that affect bombs?

And thanks for bringing my attention to The Witcher Overhaul Project. I should have used it for my recent trilogy playthrough, but I will next time...
Thank you ! Yeah sorry I forgot to put the game in english. Nope I don't use any mod that affect gameplay.I am one those entirely satisfied with vanilla gameplay. So I use only cosmetic ones. I put in the description only those appearing in the video but I also use one that makes body not disappear, eyes cat for all witcher and maybe one or two more.

In fact this is really easy to do if you develop a bit your magic. The thing is to kill all vodyanoi at the same time cause dagon feed on them. I am not sure but I think that you're not really supposed to kill them all at the same time. Cause I am no pro but I am not sure Dagon has a Heath level strictly speaking. Maybe some one can give information about that. Anyway that's why I waited a bit before casting. I wanted to be sure that's the second one had appeared because he could appear at the same time I kill the first Vodyanoi and make me fail for the one blow kill. Although maybe it could be even faster I did not try. I wonder how speed runner do this boss fight.


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I never remember to use bombs, I get addicted to the swordplay in TW1. Chaining those combos... Nevertheless, I'll keep it in mind. I do use Flash Mod, which ramps up enemy hitpoints significantly, so I probably wouldn't get the same result.

Even in the normal game, it should take more than two Vodyanoi Priests killed to take down Dagon. Each time one dies, Dagon gets hit by a bolt of lightning that damages him. Maybe it is just that the priests don't get a chance to heal him, but maybe it's a glitch.


Really? Didn't think that Igni could get that powerfull by himself. Should try this without Dragon's Dream one day.


It's been several years, but I'm almost positive it was just my ignii build, nothing else. But I was building my Geralt just for that encounter. I put all the points I could into Ignii.