Huge FPS drops and low gpu usage on 1.61.

Hello! I have a problem with CP2077-regardless of graphics settings, FPS drops in some city areas (for example when V leaves the apartment for the first time to meet Jackie). The problem with drops is not visible in built-in benchmark. Drops are from 60 FPS to even 35-40. Also, GPU usage is low (I rarely see utilization above 70 %). Applying DLSS raises the average FPS, but does not eliminate drops. Even on LOW preset, drops are still there. Windows updates, GPU drivers etc. - everything is up to date. Also, used DDU already to reinstall GPU drivers.
OS is clean, without any applications that could cause such issue. Other demanding games runs good as expected. I saw many threads about performance issues with newest patch - unfortunately I can't test the game's older version because on Epic Games Launcher there is no rollback function. I play on Legion 5 laptop (5600H + RTX 3060 + 16 GB RAM). Temperatures are good, there is no thermal throttling.

Do someone have similar problem?
I have also been having fps issues like I will be at 60 fps in good areas then just drop to under 30 fps only fix is to restart game definitely a memory leak or something.
having this issues with the last ndvia drivers installed
my tempory fix to get back my steady 60 fps at 1080p with my intel i7 10750h rtx 2060

texture quality to medium ( it was on High )

crowd density low
HDD mode off
FOV 80

i was testing all setting on benchmark again and again
all setting on max
i change ,
cloud quality to medium
SSR quality to high ( it was on medium before )
cascade shadow to medium ( it was on high )
resolution distant shadow to low ( it was on high )
distant shadow to low ( it was on medium )

RTX on
ndvia reflex enable
cap fps 60 ( i don't use it before )

ndvia drivers 531.29

nota : i see a new driver today , i try it and update if there's any change

edit the newest drivers 531.41 fixed all problems , it fixed many issues
running like crazy now even with RT shadow , sun ligh shadow enable , get back my steady 50 fps with RT shadow on and setting graphics maxed out
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Thank you for replies. Will update to newest GPU driver and let you know. I was on 531.29.

EDIT: For me, the newest driver didn't fix the issue, unfortunately.
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could someone of you guys check if my memory leak fix works also in Cyberpunk 2077 like it works on W3 NG:
and get me feedback, thx.
Ddownload it from: Miscellaneous files, unpack and copy ini file to: <ur game folder>\engine\config\platform\pc\ and run the game
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