I am having fun. Are you?

Had loads of fun, almost no technical problems. Stopped playing after finishing Act2, having spoilered myself the ending.

Not going to continue playing. All I have to say...journey is that matters, but doesn't help if it leads you to a shitty cockroach infested hotel where you are forced to live for all eternity...or six months...doesn't matter...
Loving my first play through so far (44 hours in and only 9% of the Achievements, I'm taking my time ;) ). Sure there are bugs here and there, and unfinished content, but so far those have been minor bumps in my gameplay. I am definitely looking forward to what CDPR has in store for Cyberpunk 2077 after the holidays (polish, restored content, etc.) as I see so much potential hinted at in-game.
I having fun but have to work around a lot of stuff which in my field is always a given until a permanent fix is implemented. I have a low-medium PC and managed to fine tune the graphics in the event I upgrade my GPU. Then I'll know exactly what to crank up. =) I'm on my third build (Nomad) but doing further testing on my second (Corpo) to confirm something.
Like who the f is Hellman? Why am I saving him?

They were pretty clear in the dialog about who Hellman is -- he's the technical guy who may know how to deal with the chip in your head. That's why you want to find him. Save him? Maybe. But V's initial goal is just to get a chance to talk to him.

It's part of the split personality of the game. It has a central character storyline -- Johnny Silverhand's story IMHO -- and then a separate free-roaming "stories of night city" game. Kind of like having a novel and a bunch of short stories in one book and you can hop between the novel and short stories at a variable pace. In this sense it reminds me a lot of RDR2. It is definitely not an open world RPG. It's just barely even an RPG. It's more an adventure game with RPG elements (and looter shooter elements, unfortunately; I love looter shooters but this isn't a good one by any measure).

The biggest effect of this split personality is that there is absolutely no true sense of urgency in any of V's actions. Like many video games, you are told "hurry up and get this thing done" but few games offer any consequences for failing to complete story objectives in a timely way. Speed runs and timed missions are usually one-off kinds of things, and not all players like them. A friend of mine refuses to do Borderlands 2 timed missions, for example; he hates them.

Truly sorry to hear CP2077 is just not for you. I'm guessing it was quite a let down.

To me it's uneven but I'm enjoying almost everything so far, even if it's miles away from being anything groundbreaking. On PC, there is technical brilliance in the art direction, animation, sound design, lighting, world building, and no (obvious) loading screens. Zooming around on a bike and feeling a sense of the city's size is unlike any other game I've played. I've not played the GTA series, and RDR2 and Death Stranding both felt hugely "open" but in some ways still small -- mainly because the world areas covered in both (Southwest U.S. and Entire U.S., respectively) didn't feel that massive in the actual world. They felt shrunken, whereas CP2077 feels very much entirely to scale. The Division and Division 2 have the same sense of scale but have no vehicles so the actual play areas are truly small.
I am having fun. Despite all my criticism of the game, I am.

This is the most fun I've had in a very flawed game.

Not going down in history as a masterpiece in it's current condition but I can't deny it's at least fun.
This is a fun game. Sure there are a few bugs but if you weren't one of the people foaming at the mouth from the hype of this game you'll enjoy it, then enjoy it some more when they fix bugs and add content.

To the people who were caught up in the hype and then threaten/yelled at the devs for delaying the game a few times. You shot yourself in the foot, you have yourself to [partially] blame for the mess.
This is a fun game. Sure there are a few bugs but if you weren't one of the people foaming at the mouth from the hype of this game you'll enjoy it, then enjoy it some more when they fix bugs and add content.

To the people who were caught up in the hype and then threaten/yelled at the devs for delaying the game a few times. You shot yourself in the foot, you have yourself to [partially] blame for the mess.

Exactly this
I have over two hundred (200) hours in the game. Not because CDPR provided me with this, but because I made my own reality or produced my immersion. CP has a good base, but only the base, otherwise, deplorable in all aspects.
Stopped playing in Act 2.

Was just finding it rather uninspiring. Perhaps I'll be back one day, but for now, no.
I had relatively good time with the game, even though I played the infamous PS4 version. I had surprisingly few issues and can't really relate to the opinion that it is "unplayable".
I did run into many minor glitches and few crashes, but nothing that really ruined the experience.

There were many shortcomings in terms of quality and quantity of the missions, open world and story, but I realized most of them after finishing the game and after I had thought about it for a while.

I will probably replay the game, but I will probably wait for them to patch all the major issues, after they have released all their DLC:s and probably after I have PS5, so the game would run smoother overall.
Then i will play again the "full and fíxed experience" and see if the game has evolved.
Yes I have had fun with this game - enjoying the main story, characters , BD's and Night City a lot

I followed the main quest plot-line to start then deviated to sides - River, Kerry Eurodine, Delamain...

Been fortunate that the game runs well and haven't had one crash or issue.

So have had a really good time playing this over the Xmas break, there hasn't been much else to do with Covid lockdown!
I've had fun with the combat (shooting), driving around enjoying the atmosphere of Night City, and, when they're good, the side quests and characters.

Pretty much everything else about the game has been underwhelming, irritating, or distracting, and I have very little motivation to do more playthroughs with the game as-is.
Having loads of fun, 73 hours in just finished the main storyline; dunno if I'm gonna continue on this character or immediately start with a new background.
Sadly I'm one of those that got bugs so I can't compete some missions at all. If only they left the console, with commands it should be possible to skip to a certain stage of the quest like with betshda games.
Today I noticed very neat thing. If you clear certain areas from gangs, later on ordinary people move in to live there.
Area design also slightly changed.
Disclaimer: I've been playing it on PC, with 80+ hours so far.
EDIT: my expectations were probably high also because I've been waiting for this game for the past 8 years.
Oh boy. Where do I start...

Maybe with one of the biggest advertised selling points of the game: immersion
The game COULD be immersive, (cause you know, immersion was the only reason they didn't make 3rd person option in the game) but it's mostly not. Why? For example when I call my bike or car, everyonein the streets stop anything they are doing if they are in the 20 meter vicinity of my vehicle, then somehow my bike spawns INTO an NPCs car, then it gets flung into the air, NPC car explodes, bike lands 200 meters away from me. Immersion amirite? Or when I'm slowly walking down a slope but then somehow my character speeds up to 500 km/h and die at the end of the slope, because...? Yeah, totally immersive. Or when I get on my bike too close to an NCPD officer (too close being about 4-6 meters) and they instantly start shooting at me for absolutely no reason, and then 3 more cops spawn behind me from buttfucknowhere.
So yes, all the glitches and bugs make it impossible for me to be immersed in the game.

But let's put the gliches and bugs aside, those can be fixed, right?

Next up is: Story
We've been told that all of our decisions will affect everything. But they really don't. There's like 5% difference in the whole story-line if you choose differently.
First of all, life path has absolutely no effect on anything, except for the beginning of the game and you also get some extra dialogue options which, again, don't matter at all. It's just a flavour of text most of the time.
Then there's Johnny Silverhand. I get it, they wanted us to hate him. I guess. But why is the game trying to shove him in our throat all the time, and even justifying his actions? Nuking a city? For what reason? "Hurr durr corpo bad." That's it? That's reason enough to kill thousands of civilians? And when I'm trying to be nice to him, he just goes full-on asshole. Like when he takes advantage of your body and just goes on a drinking-drugging-fucking spree. Wow. How cool.
The game also basically tells you that you need to hurry and finish this whole thing because you are dying and you are constantly reminded with the lines "Ugh... Oh Fuck."and "Shit... Not good...". I personally got tired of that nauseating effect and I just couldn't put up with Johnny's constant bullshit, so I went ahead and finished the main story. And boy was I disappointed.
So you can choose to either side with Hanako or ask for Panam to help you and yadda-yadda-yadda, not going to go through all the specifics. But the thing is, none of it matters. None of it. Your character just dies in all of them, the question is if we die NOW or in 6 months. Or you can ask Arasaka to make a copy of your psyche but they never show what comes out of that really, they probably just store your chip "until they find a body for you". Why is that a thing in the world of cyberpunk where there are literal full-chrome people walking around? Lizzy Wizzy, anyone? Hello? But no, game ends, credit roll, go and load a save file and keep playing from there again, idiot. Sandbox? Nah, this isn't a sandbox. Oh, we advertised it as sandbox? Yeeeeeah, nah.

Character creator was a complete joke. Can choose feminine or masculine body type aaaaand that's it? No options for muscles, can't change any body part by itself individually. But hey, at least there's like a dozen eyebrows! That makes up for it, right? Make-up is basically non-existent, there's like 3 options, no actualy sliders for anything, can't choose if I want some body parts to be 'real' or artificial, like many NPCs arms, legs, even face. Hairs are okay, the options are not satisfactory personally but that's highly subjective and don't want to nitpick even that, too.
The other big issue with these: you chose something in the char creation menu but you don't like it anymore, or want to change it? Maybe a new hair type, or hair colour? Well too bad, you can't. You can create a new character and start a completely new game though. Seriously, not even a hairdresser? World of Warcraft (which is an MMORPG, not even a single-player game!) had it a decade ago!
Clothes are on another level as well. Most of the time my character looks like a hobo that found a bunch of corpses around the world and just took whatever she could. Like bulletproof vest + high heels + headband + goggles + baggy pants. Wow, stunning, innit? "In Night City, looks are all that matter." Yeah, maybe 2 years ago that was their plan, but they forgot about it.

Did you see that awesome looking car/bike that NPC was driving? Well too bad you can't have it. You can MAYBE buy a certain version of it. In ONE specific colour with those specific parts. No objections. And no, you can't customize it, that would be too much freedom of choice and too much extra work for us to code in. Also you can't have a personal garage. All your vehicles just appear from another dimension when you want to use them.

Well you have one, but you can't buy another one. No customization either. You live where you are. Even Skyrim had this, 8 years ago. Okay, that was a DLC, so I'm hoping we get something similar to that.

This is the only part of the game that I genuinely enjoy. You have plenty of options, most of the weapons have a certain feel to them that are quite satisfactory. The snipers and precision rifles have that 'kick' to them, the Mantis Blades and the Monowire are great, the projectile Launcher is just amazing, everything has a feature that makes me like it.
The sad thing is, that this game to me is just that. A braindead looter-shooter, just go and kill people and that's it.
1 negative point: you can't shoot from vehicles. But I'm alright with that honestly.

Additionally, there's ALL the cut content that was even shown in previous trailers and GAMEPLAYS even, which just makes me disappointed. Like can't join a gang even though there's even a trailer for it, and how big of a role gangs have in Night Ciry. Or the fact that there's so many NPCs that you can't interact with, hell can't even buy and eat food in a restaurant. In the world of Cyberpunk, in Night City you can't even customize your body and can't have artificial body parts. 2 romance options for each body type. All those purchasable braindances yet you can't watch/use ANY of them.
Cyberpunk 2077 could have been such an amazing game. But it just fell face first into a pool of lukewarm pee.

Tl;dr: I want to enjoy the game and have fun but I'm constantly reminded of all the things that are missing or were simply cut.
I have much fun, have played 40 hours so far. I'm slowly engaging in main storyline while doing all these sidequests and looking around. Except story I like much how there usually are more ways how to dealt with situations ... like for example break through doors when I have some high enough skills or climbing through the opposite building side to balcony and coming to place from opposite side. Combat system is diverse enough and you can go from full stealth to full direct assault based on personal decision how to build (improve) V's body. Night City offers very diverse places/environment: in one moment I was on city dump, in next one I roamed through japanese park, really nice. Looking forward for further updates/improvements.
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