I can't run redkit.

I can't even find a tutorial for how to run the epic games version of redkit. I launch from EG launcher, get a window that seems to want me to play witcher 3, and that's as far as i can get. The only thing i see that might be a way to start redkit is a gear icon next to "play" button, which gives me popup with the option to "open witcher 3 redkit" but the button does nothing.

There doesn't seem to be an exe for redkit anywhere in my redkit installation folder.

Edit: witcher 3 runs fine, but I didn't buy witcher 3 to play witcher 3. I bought witcher 3 to use redkit.
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Wow, I just noticed I can't even give this product a low rating in the Epic Games store. [. . .] Won't even let users rate their products.
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Try launching The witcher 3 redkit directly from its installation folder:

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