Iconic Quickhacks

I have five or six iconic quick hacks (legendary tier and they have the iconic background) and half of them don't seem to do anything iconic--they're identical to the legendary version. Iconic sonic shock, request backup, and ping all have lower RAM costs. Others like contagion and short circuit are identical to their non-iconic legendary version. Am I missing something that makes those iconic?
Actually it is worse then that many of them seem to not work compared to the normal non-iconic versions
What I have found for the these iconics:
1. Synapse burnout cost less ram no longer functions.
2. Weapon glitch no longer affects their backup weapon.
3. Cyberpsychosis cost reduction from cyberware malfunction doesn't work.
4. Suicide cost reduction from melee finisher doesn't apply.
5. System collapse cost reduction don't work.
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