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What do you guys think if GoG gave discount based on how many games you've recently played? Lets say you play 4 games in 1 month, the store gives you discount. I think it might work personally. CDPR's games are main hook to get people to GoG, if player plays something before them, he gets launch title for cheaper price etc.
I think that GOG should work to try and get newer titles released on ins platform earlier, as well as better titles exclusively released on GOG (or at least for a period of time - one year exclusive, etc.). Otherwise, GOG will always lose out to other platforms such as Steam.

Isnt that what Epic Games is doing already?

I personally think CDPR should focus on more darker games, and they might find their own spot in game industry, but then again nothing stops other companies making darker games too and riding on their success.
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Yes, that's right - Epic Games. Phoenix Point is an exclusive to Epic Games for about one year. I wanted to buy it, but don't want to sign up to that company.

Likewise, I'd prefer to use GOG for certain other games, but the time it takes for games to come onto the platform has sometimes meant I've opted for Steam. Being DRM free is a good thing with GOG, but I've no doubt that one factor isn't enough to stop gamers from choosing a game on steam over GOG, especially when the price is lower or the release on GOG isn't even confirmed never mind delayed for months. And it's likely many gaming companies avoid GOG for the lack of DRM.

Let's face it, Steam is usually cheaper, too, particularly when using a site like G2A to obtain Steam Keys on the cheap. GOG keys are usually a lot more expensive.

Epic Games is much cheaper than Steam. I bought Metro Exodus for 10 euros, RDR2 for 40 and Ghost Recon for 13. Thats a bargain, every game you buy they give you 10 euro discount for next game.

If GoG wants to survive they need to do something smart, imho.
Greedy companies like ea and ubisoft will always stick with drm and yeah i agree they should get bigger titels but there are some
Greedy companies like ea and ubisoft will always stick with drm and yeah i agree they should get bigger titels but there are some

Theres way more indie/small titles than big titles. Players might play small titles if they are given discount afterwards and that discount can be used to buy bigger titles. Of course not all players doesnt want to play small titles even then.

Im not sure if my idea is enough for GoG, it might need something else too, unless CDPR opens couple studios more and keeps the games coming.
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