[IDEA] remake of E3 2013 BOAT

[IDEA] remake of E3 2013 BOAT

Hi, is it possible to make boat look like from 2013 video?


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Hmm the guy from Nitpicker's Patch http://www.nexusmods.com/witcher3/mods/2117/? made some fixes regard the boat (like removing the cliping from Geralt's swords), Maybe he can do something about it, i will envolve editing the model of the boat, modify the dimension of the cloth of the sail, etc. Maybe you can ask him, i really don't know.
kacper1309;n9396121 said:
Hi, is it possible to make boat look like from 2013 video?

It's a nice idea because the sail design was definitely better and not as intrusive. But I don't know if this will be possible to achieve unless the files are still hidden somewhere in the game code. Because it requires physics and I am not sure we are able to apply the correct physics to objects with the tools available to us.
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I think there is a possibility that the model and textures are still in the game files, as it appears the boat design was changed late in development.

For example some of the cutscenes ingame are pre-rendered and most likely from a slightly older build of the game.

Here you can see them scattered around the Novigrad port when you sail to skellige instead of the vanilla models.

Would be interesting if possible as I too agree that the vanilla models block too much of your vision whilst sailing.
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Highly unlikely because boat uses bunch of apex destruction assets IIRC so redoing it from scratch would be tedious as hell to do.
For all those bothered by the Geralt's boat sail, there is already a mod on nexus that removes it: https://www.nexusmods.com/witcher3/mods/2263/?
And from what I've seen from the game's files, that side sail you are showing from the reveal videos doesn't seem to exist in there.

The mast does exist however, so if someone really wants to realize that, he will have to go through an arduous process that is somewhat similar to the hairworks making process and make the physics simulated sail from scratch.
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Uuuuuuohhh! Very nice! :)
didnt have time to look at it carefully, how does it work with mast rotation?
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