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Ingame purchase error

When I try purchase a pack: blood moon or anything else from gwent ingame store, there appear a bug - I cant buy anything from 5 days. Paypal or bank card is always throw away in transaction. Overlay is enable in GoG and Gwent Game. Are you working on that issue? Or ignore it? The blood moon pack is available only till 30 april. So please can you do something with it? Its irritating!
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Yep this is incredibly frustrating as the ingame shop is pretty much broken. I cannot even pay with my gog wallet. Any fix soon?
Happened the same thing to me when trying to use wallet funds and paysafe. Did you purchase it by now?
Edit: I contacted support and successfully purchased it.
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I used that link some days ago. GoG couldn't help me. They redirect this case to CDPR, but till now I do not had any info from them about that issue.
Till this day can not purchase anything from ingame shop. Ridicule.
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