Inventory and stash related bugs

Currently running Cyberpunk 2077 patch 1.6 here, which is what my playthrough started on as well. There are a number of bugs I notice a lot in the inventory system, many of which require saving the game and reloading to cause it to correct itself.

1. When I select my currently worn clothing or any weapon in a weapon slot, and change its mods, the game registers them as changed. However, if I then switch the weapon in that slot with another one in my backpack, or a piece of clothing with another piece of clothing, the clothing that just had new mods added to it now appears in the backpack but with the OLD mods attached to it. The game seems to be remembering that I have modded the clothing, but not showing this in the user interface when the clothing is removed. If I exit the inventory and come back, the weapon/clothing in the backpack that had been updated is still not showing the updated mods. This causes a problem where when you try to compare a weapon/clothing in your backpack with one you are currently using/wearing, the game shows you invalid comparison data of the OLD version of the item before you changed the mods on it. If you re-arm the weapon, or put the clothing on however, then click on it while wearing it, it correctly shows up with the new mods you had put on it. Put it back in the backpack though, and the new mods disappear again. Exiting the inventory, saving the game, and then reloading the game causes the game to resync the actual state of the item and show it properly in the backpack. This makes it very difficult however to compare items in the backpack with what is currently worn to get an accurate comparison of what is better or worse, since items in the backpack no longer appear as powerful as they've been modded to be, and you might sell or dismantle them because they appear weaker than they are, unless you painstakingly save and reload every time you mod any weapon or clothing item.

2. If you mod a piece of clothing or weapon and then put it in your stash, the newly added mods get stripped from the item and it is downgraded to the mods it previously had. So to reproduce this, pick a weapon from your inventory and arm it on V, then change its mods to something of a higher level, say all legendary mods when it previously had no mods or lower level mods. Now, swap this item with something else in your backpack and observer bug #1 above making the item show up as no longer having the mods you just added to it and being downgraded to what it had before. Now move the item into your stash in the trunk of car or apartment, and the item gets the old mods put on it and the new ones you added are permanently gone. If you save the game and reload it and take the items out of your stash and wear them or rearm them, the mods you had added are no longer there. Putting items in the stash seems to permanently revert the mod you added to the previous mod the item had. A side effect of this, is if you get some rare mod that you can't easily find, craft or buy and put it on a weapon or clothing, then later put it in your stash, you will permanently lose the mod with no way to get it back.

3. When installing patch 1.6, any clothing/weapons you are wearing or that are in your backpack or stash may have their mods removed and replaced with older mods or random mods, it is hard to tell which because I didn't memorize the upgrade path of mods on all my stuff, but many things lost the mods I had added to them when upgrading from 1.5 to 1.6 (this was on a previous playthrough that spanned between patch 1.5 and 1.6).
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