Is Johnny Silverhand gonna be in my mind 24/7?

In other words, CyberYennefer. Be an ass, say something stupid or waste time and you're gonna conjure up the bitchy side. Stay on point, exclusively explore dialogue options involving astute observations and cower before the mighty dominatrix, ball gag, stuffed unicorn and all, and you'll get the good side.

How many bets for Stout becoming the next Yennefer?
They told us it's like a co-protagonist. So I think we'll see him many times during our journey in Night City.
He's gonna be like a guide i guess and so you won't feel like he's a burden. He will help you when you're in need of help imo.
Unfortunately any character with a face appearing as if it were based off a bald eagle is disqualified from being CyberYennefer. Whoops....
OMG this made me laugh so loud I woke a family member lol

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