Is there a way to jump ahead several days?

So I got the egg and apparently it needs 40-60 days to hatch. Skipping time 40 times... You can imagine how boring that is.

Is there another more reasonable and effective way?
If you're on PC there is a mod that shortens the time, I think it comes in a 30, 15, and 10 day variant..... I could be wrong on the exact variants as I'm going by memory.

If you're on console no not really.... you can either just play normally and wait to see if it happens on its own or skip until it happens.
Yeah you can find it on Nexus at the link Below:

Faster Iguana Hatch at Cyberpunk 2077 Nexus - Mods and community (

Edit: I don't think this has any mod dependencies so you should be able to just chose the version you want and drop it into the folder.... But if you don't have any Mods already installed it may not hurt to double check some of the core mods like CET TweakXL ArchiveXL etc.... a lot of mods depend on them so it's best to double check requirements.

Edit 2: I was curious so I took a closer look at that page.... The mod only works if you install it BEFORE placing the egg, The author has created a "cheat" optional file to force the egg to hatch so make sure you follow the instructions when installing. OR just use an older save, either way should work. Any way hope that helps.
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Tested the cheat file since my current save has the egg. It prints a message that the egg hatched. I had to leave, fast travel somewhere and back and then the little guy was there instead of the egg.

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