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Join us for GWENT Open #5!

Join us for GWENT Open #5!

Our visit at the Scoia’tael hideout in the Wieliczka Salt Mine has come to an end, and now it’s time to go back to our usual spot in Dandelion’s tavern. The preparations for the next GWENT Open are well underway – it’s happening this weekend, on May 19-20th, at 4 PM CEST!

Eight of the best Pro Ladder players will compete there for a share of the $25,000 prize pool, Crown Points, and spots in the next GWENT Challenger.

All matches will be streamed on our Twitch and YouTube channels, and, as always, casted by the Dandelion’s trusted crew: Merchant, McBeard, MegaMogwai and Panda. Make sure to watch the tournament live to get some new Twitch Drops!

Find us on Twitter! Follow @GWENTMasters for regular updates, and join the conversation about the upcoming #GWENTOpen!
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is Hanachan just changing his name every now and then for the kicks? :p

Anyway, looking forward to it :) Also, new faces and less known people as well. It will be interesting if Hanachan and Tailbot let the rest breathe :p My hope is that they are a minority, compared to the rest
CDPR, you continue a meeting in this severe situation.

- broken balance
- mulligan problem
- RNG festival
- many bugs

i don't know what you hurry that much.
however, it's normally the action that is not thought about.
do you understand a meaning of the beta? many players are angry and disgusted.
you should have a sense of shame.
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Pruny;n10951370 said:
Create rules again: hym into operator and runestone decided last game.
While Runestone was decisive, Hym is hardly an actual create card. It did not even have 3 options available. Knowing what your opponent runs (and he knew because he had watched TailBot play this deck) can be crucial. Similar to Triss: TK not being an actual create card, hym's option is too consistent to be labelled as create.

I will agree that runestone was game changing though. I just don't hold grudges because all the top tier players have won games because of lucky creates
Good Time watching

Congrats to all that made it there and
Thanks for everyone's hard work to make it happen
ser2440;n10951403 said:
... hym's option is too consistent to be labelled as create...
And it does have a second really strong option to choose from, which makes it even more powerful card.

About Telekinesis - the card is ridiculous. You can't run Bronze tech cards (like say - First Light) when you play a Dagon or a Eredin because of this card. Maerdroemes can backfire really bad on you too. With the consistency this card gives - 6 points body is too much. Alas, it is not the points of the body, but the effect that can be crucial. This Create BS should be re-think of and maybe implied when we have more cards in the pool. Maybe for a start those cards should pick from 2 and not 3 choices. This will make them a bit riskier.

I would also suggest Doppler to be made a Unit and not a Special Card, because of (uh-oh) the Elven Mercenary abuse with it. It is baffling how ST is the only faction that can use the Doppler and constantly pull really, really good cards with it that can turn a game on its head - like all the other Create cars.
Pruny;n10951439 said:
Lul, telekinesis is create abomination, stop ignoring the truth.
I don't like Triss: TK's consistency. But it does function differently than other create cards.

I mean, you gotta decide what you want from the game. I think everyone here agrees that the problem with create is how often it can highroll a counter for the situation you are into, like a weather clear, or a lock, or more recently, a Holger Blackhand strengthening your longship out of Alzur's Thunder range. This is the problem. That without investing in any counter, you can just spawn it, despite your deck being unprepared for the situation, out of complete chance. I've had opponents spawn weather clears against my axemen, in one series of matches, it happened literally in 8 out of my 10 losses. sometimes more than once, when my opponent spawned one from the runestone and one from black blood

So Triss: TK, and Hym, really don't follow the same rules. They can be lifesaving yes. And they are too powerful. But they are this powerful exactly because they aren't "true" create cards. Abominations, they are ridiculous sure. I will agree with that. But not exactly create abominations no. Just stupidly powerful and consistent.
I don't see a problem with Triss TK - the only time it really annoys me is in combination with create cards like winch, but that's not really the fault of Triss.

Anyhow, in general, it was an interesting finale and it's great to see a new winner :)
ser2440;n10951529 said:
Triss: TK, and Hym, really don't follow the same rules. because they aren't "true" create cards.
They are create cards, Oficialy. Stop this abusurdity.
Creating cards from oponent deck provides huge advantages because you can choose the best card.
Like telekinesis geting my clearsky when i use 2 silver mages to weather alchemy!

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