Judy romance update/expansion/DLC.

Nice christmas gift :love:
The only thing V really wants for X-Mas
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I still can't get the "I really want to stay at your house" quest to trigger no matter what.
I'm really far into the game and own all the apartments even and yes my V is female like
always. I'm only using two mods which add some new text's, but I don't think that would affect it.
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I know it sounds obvious but have you unlocked the romance with Judy in full?

Other than that and progressing, im not sure what causes it to not commence
Since the game doesn't let you drive with Judy, I had to remedy that.
Made me laugh. I had no idea Judy smacks V on the butt when V is looking in the mirror at the apartment.
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is a shame the devs won´t do any more updates to this freaking awesome game and neither read all these pages of ideas, yet i think all relationships need more content. i know this isnt a sim date game, but id love to see V and Judy or whoever it is doing some gigs together, have more talk when you have a date (why did i bought all the apartments if i cant have more action), more romance options would be nice too. hell even racing with your date could be great, because Johnny is affraid of V becoming Toretto
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