Judy Side Quest Not Triggering: Ex-Factor

I finished "Both Sides, Now", but for the longest time Judy has not called me for the next quest in the chain: Ex-Factor.

This was the last contact:


Ever since then she cannot be called. When I enter her apartment, she is just standing by the window. I finished Panam quest, and main quest is at Nocture OP55N1.

In my previous playthroughs this never happened.
So If I'm right, after "Both Sides, Now", it's "Talkin' 'bout a Revolution".
But whatever,
she never sent you another message than those ?
It's on "fresh" 1.23 or a save started on a previous game version ?

Anyway, if you haven't already did it, you can report it > Here ;)

Edit : I'm wrong :)


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I've reported this issue, too. Some while ago. They just said that they are aware of it.
Please report it if you experience this issue so it might get more on top of their to-do list.
I also had the quest Ex Factor still on even though I finished Judy's questline, which is weird how many variations of a bug can happen. This is unfortunate, I hope the devs get to it ASAP
Have you finish Ghost Town or even Life During WarTime (to find Hellman) ?
I finished all of Panam's quests so yes. I've searched literally every single thread on this I could find on google and no method worked. I did go back to the save before I finished "Both Sides, Now" and was able to get Ex-Factor to trigger there, but my current save is like 30+ hours later so I'm not going to throw all of that away.

Judy is currently in her apartment with her window closed leaning on it. I have cleared Watson, Westbrook and East Badlands, currently doing Santo Domingo. But doing Voodoo Boys or anything in other regions should have nothing to do with it since I was able to get it to trigger on that older save which at the time also only had been in Watson, Westbrook and some of East Badlands. At least Bethesda had useful flags for all of their quests so you could fix bugged quests in Skyrim, with Cyberpunk 2077 you apparently just don't have that option even with mods. There needs to be a way to trigger specific quest events in the console mod but it's obvious the programmers for Cyberpunk 2077 are less experienced than that.
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I wonder if M'ap Tann Pèlen or even I Walk the Line are not required for trigger Ex-Factor.
Because normally, she send you messages (one for sure), if you have already found the VDBs (and another one about Evy).

Maybe Bethesda are simply used to bugs and quest breaking bugs :)
They've known about this issue for nearly a year. They told me in e-mail they are still looking into it...I mean WHAT? One of the game's main side quests tons of people just can't do and you haven't fixed it in a year and there's no way to use console commands to fix it? Absolutely insane.
"Look into it" doesn't mean "there is a problem" :)
If M'ap Tann Pèlen and even I Walk the Line are required for trigger Judy's side quests (like Life During Wartime for Panam), they will look into it but they won't find a problem anyway... So you can wait as long as you want, it will never change.
So you can do these two quests (and even Transmission) and see if it change something, at least... or wait... as you want :)
They said they are aware of it and are looking into it. I believe I saw a few comments from as early as January saying they also got that e-mail from CDProjekt about this quest. When they went to fix Takemura's call bug, they apparently didn't look into a global fix that would overhaul the coding of quest triggers, but instead only focused on the one that was literally necessary to finish the game while ignoring other important side quests. Quests not triggering due to a call bug with commonalities with a quest they already have bug fixed shouldn't exist anymore after nearly a year of the game being released.

Those quests are not required to trigger Ex-Factor. I went back to an earlier save from just before I finished "Both Sides, Now," finished that quest, got the text about Eve's burial, then drove around and eventually got the call from Judy for "Ex-Factor." As I said before, that save was before I started M'ap Tann Pèlen and I Walk the Line. I think Ex-Factor isn't triggering possibly due to the text about Eve's burial being bugged and not arriving on some people's playthroughs. That could be a dependency for triggering Ex-Factor.

So I've provided proof it has nothing to do with finishing "M'ap Tann Pèlen" and "I Walk the Line." If CDProjekt wants to share that there is something else we need to do in game, they would say so instead of saying they're aware of the problem in the responses they give to people.
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