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i dont think plugging / advertising is allowed here..
If you are not allowed to advertise here, then I am afraid that and can actually tell you - Kards is an incredible CCG to date. Fascinating when it is set in WWII and as a CCG too, this is a game which was made to be advertised and making it over here even better. Also, this will help up CDPR's game "slightly" to keep their consumers because now they have competition to definitely produce such a high Gwent CCG experience to out best Kards.
Actualy im playing this game 3 weeks. First impression was good, u can get a lot of free stuff from achievments (card packs, gold, resources). In future devs want to add other new nations (like Poland, Canada, Italy, France etc). 3 lines 2 for your and opponent HQ, fronline (mid line) is "battlefield". Game mechanics friendly for begginers. Maybe for Gwent community its important, but there is a bit of randoness.
I've been playing WWII games for decades, I'm pretty much done with that.

But it does look interesting and could perhaps be adapted to other, more interesting, themes.