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Kegs Drop-rate Analysis (Premium, Silver, Gold)



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Some Quick Stats
Number of Kegs Needed to get 100%: 904
Average Mill Value Per Keg: 85,67
Epic Drop-rate: 25,84%
Legendary Drop-rate: 7,67%

NOTE: It takes about an extra 300 kegs to get all the Midwinter cards.

After some players said they getting less legendary card than before, I've analyzed my drop-rate from the last period and didn't notice any change in the average drop-rate.

EDIT: updated with the new Gold cards.


How many kegs would a new player need to get most of the cards?

So, I am a new player and I wonder how many kegs would a new player need to get to the point where he can make viable/competitive decks, or in other words - collect most of the cards?


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I played Closed Beta for more than 5 months, opened probably 3 kegs a day over those 5 months, and only got ALL the cards 2 days before it closed. Granted, I milled some cards over time and crafted a lot of cards too, and there are more cards released in Open Beta...

So, my guess is that to get all the cards using just the keg dynamic, regular level ups, and crafting with spare scraps, you would need in the area of 450 kegs. But, if you mill and craft wisely, you can have a strong deck within 50 kegs. That, and the devs have already improved basic starter decks over what we had in closed beta.


CD Project Red is really generous. At least 1-3 kegs a day. I almost got every card and I play casually. And the Mill cost is isn't that crazy. Actually pretty cheap. I almost think they are too generous and this game is too free to play...make no need to buy cards.


You'll get starter decks that have 6 silvers and 4 gold cards in it in public beta, so you dont have to open that many kegs to be "competetive".
As for rewards, you get rewards every 2 rounds up to 66 rounds won (33 rewards). 6 wins net you 1 keg, 18 wins nets you 2 kegs.
Challenge mode, levels and rank rewards you with ore, scraps, cards, kegs too.
Story campaign may give additional rewards.

It's the most generous CCG i know of, and it does not take long to get a good deck.


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Ive had "anything i need" at Level 40 but alot of Cards missing.
Ive never played Roach, geralts Igni and many others of the "must have" Cards.
My Plan for open Beta is very simple: Get the Free Kegs, buy more until i have 100 and then i will see what i get and play the cards i have.

If you want to start with ALL Cards ... 400 Kegs seems to be a good guess, but having all Cards right from start?
Ridiculous. 100 is very good, 200 should be very solid, if you think about the fact that there will always be new Cards, it would be nice to already have all the basic-cards in your pool. Above that ... maybe if you are a Youtuber who makes his money with gaming idk.
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But I must say I may don't need all the cards... I really want them. I want the animated version of each card because no other card game has such beautiful premium cards.


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Is it a joke or what? [Card Keg Drop-rate]

Opened 45 kegs so far and 1 legendary? How is that possible? Come on


Well... I'm not gonna cry, but I've also opened 45 kegs and get only 2 epics and 2 legends. That's not cool.


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Some weird stuff happened on HS last expansion when they released it. Wrong drop rate on some cards. Gonna wait a bit before opening my kegs.


It's rather the luck of the draw. I opened 30 barrels, and, amongst the regulars, I received a total of 4 golds, at least 8 silvers, and 7 bronze premiums.


Don't feel bad. I have no luck with RNG. Ever. (Can I tell you how often I have to reload missions playing XCOM or Xenonauts?)