Keyboard and Mouse Support on PS5?



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Considering the new changes to system requirements this addition to the game would be welcome to those that might switch to PS5. Still gonna get Phantom for both platforms, fml.
Hello. Will keyboard and mouse play on PS5 be added in the latest update? A lot of people are waiting for it and are asking this question on various forums, but so far none of the developers has answered this question. Regards.
Hello, :) I will join to others. Please add mouse and keyboards to CP2077!!
Patch 2.0 and still waiting.
Will PS5 ever have Keyboard and Mouse support?? Xbox has had it for years now. Where's the love for the Playstation? I was hoping this 2.0 update would have it. Can you give me any insight into this? Really rather play this game KBM
We need mouse and keyboard support on ps5, especialy with 2.0 update. It should be normalised that fps games get m&k support on consoles.
This is my contribution !
Please CD Projekt, give us a Mouse & Keyboard support for the PS5, i really can't play any FPS with a controller and my PC can't handdle the game
HEY! I bought this game on PS5 and thought it has KB+Mouse support. I was surpised that it's not! Still 4 years after ? Are you kidding ?! Why xbox has it ?!
Please add this feature!!! We’re more ppl than you think wanna play MnK…


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