Knut the Callous not activated

The first time I suspect he received the berserk condition after it was tested at the end of the round. Is this possible?

The second is a lot more mysterious. It almost sounds like he was locked. I know I often fail to observe status symbols against busy card art. I sometimes even suspect the game lags in displaying them. Is this possible?
For the things you said you are mix up berserek with adrenaline.

I think this because of this 2 parts on your post.

"had 5 cards left in my hand, ended the turn, and it did not activate"

"The second time, I ressurected it with Fucoya (or whatever its called), and it did not refresh for the 5 straight turns it was supposed tô"

Berserek you need to have his power at 5 at least, so you need to do (or take) 2 damages.

Used him in some games and everything was fine
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