Lag During Gameplay

I've been playing this game on PC for a few months, and I've notice that the more I play the game, the more the game lags. I've tried changing settings from "high" to "medium" to see if that helps, and nothing happens. But, when I select the "default" button, I can see a big difference, but when I play more of the game, it starts to lag again!

The following is my computer specs:
Intel i7-11800 H 2.80MHz CPU
NVidia RTX 3050Ti GPU
I have these set:

Resolution Scailing = DLSS Super Resolution
DLSS Super Resolution = Auto
DLSS Sharpness = 0
Texture Quality = High

Ray Tracing = On
Ray Tracing Local Shadow = ON
Everything else under Ray Tracing is OFF!
If you check the requirements, with less than 8GB of VRAM, you shouldn't enable Ray Tracing at all. Just a guess, but at some point you run out of VRAM :(
(6GB of VRAM is already the minimum in 1080 on low)
Lekiller is right. Your graphics card absolutely cant handle ray tracing. DLSS performance, just in case. You can raise sharpness. I use 90%. Set texture quality low.
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DLSS performance, just in case.
Yeah, if I remember how "Auto" DLSS setting work, it only take the resolution in account no matter your specs.
- 1080p > Quality
- 1440p > Balanced
- 4K > Performance
So if you play on 1080p, DLSS is automatically set on Quality.
Ok. I'll turn off DLSS, and see what happens. Can't remember if the game set it, or I did. Most of the time it works fine, but when I get in a heavy area with a lot of movement, it gets laggy and choppy!
Ok. I'll turn off DLSS, and see what happens.
Other will correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think turning off DLSS will help either :(
I would rather disable entirely Ray Tracing (just not enough VRAM), set DLSS on performance, set everything on low and check if it's better. Then crank up graphics settings by steps to reach a "good balance" (for you) between graphics and performances.
I turned of Ray Tracing, but left DLSS Super Resolution on. Then on the last 4 or 5 items, I dropped to "medium", and was able to do the "I Don't Remember The Face" mission without any lag.

Looks like everything is working for now. If anything starts acting up, I'll just have to lower some more options!

Thanks for the help, everyone!!
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